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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hoof Boots Part 2

Above: The EasyBoot Glove

So, I have pored over all the different boots online (who knew there were THAT many!) and have narrowed it down to either the Renegade Hoof Boots (which come in some obnoxious colors) or the Easy Boot Gloves. I like the intergral gaiter on the Renegades, and the fact that water/mud can run out because they are open. They also have a good track record and are popular with endurance riders. The only drawbacks I have been told are the velcro can come undone if you ride through a lot of water/mud. The Gloves I am told can be difficult to fit and allow little to no room for hoof growth. The gaiters are sold seperately (I think) and can rub the horse. So, down to those two, have a look and tell me what yall think.

Above: The Renegade Hoof Boot


  1. You will have a learning curve with either one. As mentioned in previous comments, lots of boot users out there on some of the Yahoo groups, and might be worth it to join one and ask questions. Some horses fit better with particular boots better than others. Ideally, it would be good if you found some boot users near you, to see them first hand. Or, find an endurance ride near you, and go over on the day before, and walk around camp. You would find about every boot type out there, and could ask questions, see how easy they are to put on and off etc. But don't go by just "looks" alone.

  2. I don't use hoof boots, but I really like the Renegade Hoof Boot. It looks like it can hold pretty good on the hoof (which is a big issue with boots) and it looks sturdy. That's my honnest opinion.

  3. No water/mud issues with Gloves as they fit so tight they do not let mud in at all and very little water (that comes out tiny holes in the bottom)...I have pics of me going through deep, sucky mud, then of the boot taken off the mud at all....gaiters come WITH the Glove (not the Glueon though). Can rub some, but new gaiters do not rub 95% of horses.
    Rens...allow for more hoofgrowth, come in colors, has more "hardware" that can go wrong though...that would be my assessment on the two :)
    OH! and new boot thing on yahoo: Hoofbootexchange...maybe find some used (cheaper) ones in each kind in your size (ask if anyone has any "almost dead" ones they can send you...I prob have some in Gloves that you could test), then see what works, then buy "new" from there...

  4. Oh shoot I completely forgot to mention the renegades! I have one pair I do use on occasion. I love them. They have never, ever come off and I have ridden in the lake, through swamps and all sorts of brush with them. The only drawbacks why I don't use them all the time is the grip they offer. Too much for our heavy carriages.

  5. I have used several different types of boots. The Renegades work well, but they also don't have much tolerance for hoof growth between trims. If you trim your horse and can shape them up they work great. I've given them a good work out and they have stayed on. Have also used Cavallo Simple Boots regularly and had a good experience with Boa Boots. I prefer to stay away from boots with wires/cables.

  6. I use the EasyBoot Gloves on my endurance mare and they are fantastic.

    Easy on and off, no mud or dirt ever gets in and she is unstoppable in them over the worst terrain imaginable.

    The best part of the Glove is that it's so lightweight but just as sturdy as larger more "overkill" types and the best part about the EasyBoot boots is that they can be modified to suit ie gaiters, locking systems etc etc are all removable and mostly interchangeable which means you can mix and match to suit your horse's needs more accurately (and sometimes cheaply).

    Very happy with mine and no, I'm not affiliated with EasyBoots, just a satisfied customer : )

  7. Here is another comparison....from the inside out! literally :)

    and lots of different things about the Glove:

    Maybe renegade also has a blog? not sure as I really only pay attention to EBs...but if so, you could read both and get lots of views that way....

  8. I like the Renegades - super easy to put on and take off - however, check these out! Just saw them posted on Ridecamp today - and $5.00 from each boot sale goes to AERC juniors.

  9. why not just get her shod with a simple plate, and possibly a leather pad if you have really rocky ground?

  10. The open back of the Renegades also lets mud IN. You will not have issues with mud or sand getting trapped in the gloves.

    The gloves aren't that dificult to fit. If you don't have a sales rep in the area who can come out with a "fit kit" then you can borrow one from the company before you order the boots.

    The gaitors are sold seperately as replacement parts. When you order gloves they come with a set of gaitors attached. If your horse overreaches the gaitor will rip. This is actually good as replacing a gaitor is much cheaper than having the vet out.

  11. FYI the glove can be purchased with power straps in obnoxious colors too.

  12. I'm a renegade user and I recently used the renegade boots in a 100 mile race that was extremely muddy, sandy, with rocks. No problems with the boots. I highly reccomend them.

    People do have success with the gloves, however in my opinion that do NOT hold up well enough (toes wear through, gaiters tear etc.) adn the fit is too exact (make sure you ahve a rasp and you are comfortable using it, and the easy care style gaiters tend to rub over long distances unless you do "extra" stuff to protectthe pastern.

    Renegades don't ahve any of these issues. Just my two cents.

  13. I'm buying cavallos. They are pretty common out on the limestone around here.

  14. I do endurance - Renagades rock!! Just leave enough velcro so that you can fold it back on itself - you will not have any problems.