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Friday, April 30, 2010


Ya'll have to go over to Fugly Horse of the Day and have a read. Watch the video. See, you DON'T need a ton of hardware to ride even a high energy, speed event horse. The video is awesome, a roping horse, being ridden bridleless. Sometimes I don't agree with Fugs, but on this, I am totally in accord.


  1. Seen that video! Its really cool!

    Had to stop following fugly because she pissed me off to much LOL about the Natural Horsemanship stuff, I followed her for over a year, just couldnt take her narrow mindedness anymore.

  2. Sorry but Fugs and a few of the others don't hold any appeal for me either.

    Seems like more of her phishing to find a way to control her stallyun than a challenge to her readers to 'scale it back a notch'.

    I like her 'disclaimer' about using common sense and not trying to get hurt while scaling it back a notch under her recommendation to do so.

    If the horse is trained to the degree that you could- wouldn't you have already done it? There's your dose of common sense for everyone.

    The jumper wearing the Mikmar contraption?
    Beaten to death already on bad_riding / live journal and Mikmars were beaten to death on Shame in the Horse Show Ring some time back too.

    Someone is having a tough time keeping up with things.

  3. I do like that video of the roper. Not only does he now have a bridle on this horse, but no tie-down. See, roping horses do not always need a tie-down.

  4. Ooo, I always forget about Bad Riding. I'm not on LiveJournal, so I never think about it. Some truly horrorfyin' stuff over there.

    I will always give Fugly a hard time about the silly stuff she likes in AQHA, and I don't agree with her 100% for sure, because I think she's got a skewed viewpoint about how every horse owner needs to be rock solid financially solvent, and other ideas in common with a lot of youngish, professional, childless folks with lots of personal free time and disposable income. She's incredibly judgmental where she oughtn't be, and somewhat closed-minded on this and that.

    That being said, she's done a lot of good awareness-raising among folks who do NOT know what's really going on out there, and is not afraid to name names & take a stand.

    Unfortunately, her sometimes tactless naming of names has seriously hurt some people who really don't deserve the crap that's been slung at them, and while taking a stand for something you believe in is an admirable trait, being buttheaded about it can also be... dumb.

    I dunno, I still enjoy her blog and the wide variety of commenters from around the globe. I agree with her sometimes, disagree - sometimes strongly - at other times, but she's at least a good stepping stone for people just learning about the depth & breadth of horse abuse.

    There's a video someone posted of a 25-yr-old TB... Oh, here - it's even better than the roping horse:
    THAT horse is demonstrating self-carriage & collection - the kind of thing that should be seen in ALL disciplines - from WP to Saddle Seat.

    It's universally beautiful and correct.

  5. wasn't that video also torn apart in the comments too? I agree with you but I'm no dressage expert. I just know that horse is having a BLAST - and the first minute or so I could have sworn he was going to give a good ol yee haw i feel good type of buck - but he didn't cause he's a good well mannered gentlemanly sort of horse! lol.

    I follow fugs because well - I'm trying to convince my hubby that he doesn't need to breed our mutt dog. I finally got him to agree to spay our female - but only because she was starting to go into our first heat, and the boy dog wouldn't leave her alone. I'm at the moment at least ok with him being un-neutered, but only because he doesn't go anywhere, or do much of anything but be dirty :).

    Her posts about how there are too many animals in the world, I send him every single one of them. Also the ones about race horses breaking down, and the crap in the slaughter industry - since every time it comes up, he looks at me like I have grown a third head. (a second one would be normal. its the THIRD one that would wierd him out :) )

    Back to the OT - that vid of the rope horse was pretty damn cool. I grew up pretty much on the back side of the local small rodeo circuit (my mom had a thing for cowboys) and saw lots of stuff done to rope/other horses I wish I never had. The cowboy riding him was pretty damn hot too! LOL.