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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Veritable Smorgasbord of Tacky

I was browsing my issue of Equus magazine and saw an article featuring a saddle by Alamo saddlery. I was amazed and shocked by the sheer tackiness, so I went online to see if there was more. There was. Unfortunately, the saddle featured in the article was nowhere to be found, but I did find much, much more. Here is a small preview...

Now, if you dare, don your eye protection and click this link to their catalog.


  1. Well, you did warn me. That catalog was an interesting way to "wake up" in the morning.

    Oh, I did recently make a totally tacky matchy-matchy *scale* barrel racer set. In purple. With heart cutouts. Everywhere I could get the heart punch, there's a heart with purple behind it.

  2. Not even gong to bother clicking the link and granting them one more page view than they deserve. The one you posted the pic of is bad enough.

    Who buys this crap? If there were no buyers, the manufacturers wouldn't bother making it.

  3. Well, one can't rule out the western pleasure world either! Cept those guys like the bling on them...

  4. I saw that saddle in Equus too and thought of you.

  5. OK, I'm a barrel racer but there is no way I’m putting ugly crap like that in my horse! Sure I like color ON MY SADDLE BLANKET! If I put a "blinged out, hunter orange, alligator skinned headstall" on my mare... I’m pretty sure she would launch my butt across the arena and make a b-line for the trailer in embarrassment!
    Saying that, I've seen some UGLY get ups on barrel horses the past few years. Ever seen an Appaloosa wearing everything zebra print? Its not pretty! Hoping to see that one again this year so I can get pictures and send them to straight here!

  6. I was looking through my most recent Equus magazine and saw a patchwork western saddle. Yes, I immediately thougth of you. I believe that too was an Alamo saddle. Everything looks so well made but it's out there.

    I admit, I want sparklies and shiny stuffs. I don't want to do anything besides plod around (when I eventually get another horse), but does everything have to be zebra? Or seeing spots? Something to match what colors I want to use in a medium-ish that too hard to ask for? It's also a shame that you'd probably have to sell your first and second child to afford to pay for a complete maching set.

  7. I admit it, I looked at the catalog and had a really hard time making my eyes continue looking at it. In a kind strange facination though, I looked all the way through it and actually found something I liked! It was on the very last page, buried all the way at the bottom of the page....a few very pretty, tastefully done headstalls that I would actually like to have. Everything else put the Ug in ugly.

  8. Alamo tack advertises on one of the RFD shows and claims to be the ones who invented "Bling on tack"
    A dubious claim to fame, I'm thinking.