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Friday, July 30, 2010

Black and Blue

Yes, another cheap, painted, cardboard leather piece of crap that no horse should ever have to suffer. And look, it even comes with matching accessories. All it needs now is a blue saddle blanket. At least the stirrups are on correctly. That dee ring in the front girth rigging looks rather insubstantial to me.


  1. Normally my rule of thumb for craptastic saddles is: if I can see the "rivets" under the flap then they are too low (unless it's a well-used saddle and the leather is just curled), then I don't want it. Another no-no is the felt or suede in the stirrups. That's how you tell it's probably not quality. I may go against these 2 things if I can actually put my hands ON it to see if it's worth anything. But online...nooooo thank you.

    These might not ALWAYS be true, but so far, so good.

    Has anyone ever come across a no-name or small company that makes quality yet won't rape the pocket book?

  2. Gotta love how they didn't bather to paint the 'inside' of the reins...

  3. Danielle said..."Has anyone ever come across a no-name or small company that makes quality yet won't rape the pocket book?"

    Yes, I have. There is a small saddlery in Georgia, Guffy Saddlery, that makes quality saddles for not much money. You've got to remember that the big name brands started somewhere....all it takes is a saddle maker that takes his craft seriously...The crap shown above's just crap.

  4. Danielle- Stray Dog Saddles are very nice. Pretty much get a custom saddle for around $2,000. It's an investment and they are very well made! Definately worth the money if you are working horses, showing or just riding a lot.

    The thing in the OP- I wouldn't even want it at our place as a decorative item. Not even a display of what not to buy.

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  6. For a well made saddle in the 1500 range (more or less) try Sulphur River Saddle in Texas..these saddles are e actually made by the same saddlemakers who work for Billy Cook in Oklahoma. I bought one last summer and absolutely love it. I am only selling it because I bought a different kind for showing. It is a cutting type saddle 15 1/2 seat but sits like a much larger seat. I do not cut but it felt great under me. cost over 1500 will take $900 plus shipping. Email me at if interested. It is an opportunity to buy a american made saddle of top quality for less than $1000.

  7. Oh, my. That saddle scared me when I saw it.