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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Haflingers. Are not. Palomino.

Was just on Dreamhorse browsing the ads out of boredom. "Ooh, shiny horsie!" I see a TON of ads for Haflingers advertising them as Palomino. They ARE NOT PALOMINO. Not ever. Not if they are purebred. They are chestnut, albeit flaxen chestnut, but chestnut nonetheless. There is no other color allowed or found in the breed, period. In order for a horse to be palomino, it must possess a cream dilution gene. This gene is not found in Haflingers, or for that matter purebred Arabians, but that is a topic for another time.

This has been a Tacky Tack of the Day Random Rant. You may now return to your regularly scheduled programming.


  1. Hahaha. Loving the bonus posts today!

  2. I had a conversation just the other day with someone online who was convinced that arabs could be palomino.

    Her argument was that she had 'seen' one. Refused to believe that it just might have either been a 3/4th, 6/8th, or 12/34th blooded arab

    (you know, the ones where they out-crossed the grand parents/great grandparents to get the genes and then re-crossed them back to arabs... still not allowed I know but you know its done)

    or a really really light flaxen chestnut. Just didn't get it.

    I thought about mentioning that the 'spotted' ones were all half arabs too, but thought that might make things worse. *roll eyes*

    But just like Craigslist, Dreamhorse is full of idiots and morons that fell for the romance of horse ownership, and didn't figure out till too late that horses are *gasp* work! And that one has to *double gasp* read! And *triple gasp* LEARN NEW THINGS!!!


  3. omg i'm so frakking tired of hearing about "palomino" arabs. it's all due to Fire An Ice and his offspring and stupid breeders who don't realize that the dilute gene doesn't exist in arabs. i see them advertised ALL THE TIME as palomino and it makes me want to shoot the ignorant people who, if they know that little about genetics, shouldn't be breeding.

  4. I honestly never knew that. Thanks for the enlightenment! :)

  5. I believe lots of people also think palomino is a just synonym for flaxen chestnut.

  6. I agree with all of you. I've been searching for a horse and I've seen horses that their color is "palomino". I can't believe some of these people actuall HAVE horses! They know NOTHING about them!! I hate these kind of peolpe that think they know it all but don't. And i saw a horse that was advertised as being '15.5 hands'. This just drives me crazy.

  7. 15.5 hands: I can see a person thinking they are saying 15 and a half hands. Still bad. Even worse is people who advertise a horse as 15.7 hands!

  8. Oh mann! I own a Haflinger and I get SO many people coming up to me going "OHHH what a pretty palomino pony!" They never seem to get it, even after I explain lol :)

  9. Thank you so much! Someone understands!!!

    I have a palomino, and I used to get so annoyed when I would ride him with a Haflinger that used to be at our barn and people would say, "Look at all the pretty palominos!"

  10. Thank you so very much for your rant about "palomino" Haflingers. I am also frustrated with this. I actually got into a short disagreement with a stable owner when filling out vet papers for my Haflinger as a palomino. When I corrected her, she hissed at me sharply, "she is a palomino!" In so many words telling me I do not know my own horse's coat color. Sheesh! I shut up because some people prefer to be ignorant. I just learned about the absent creme gene in the Haflinger and now have something to say, but will also add that my horse is "Kastanienbraun" the Austrian word for chestnut which cannot be translated to "palomino".