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Friday, July 16, 2010

Treeless Tragedy

This is a treeless Spanish Saddle, and I am the Queen of England.

Have a great weekend all!!


  1. That could actually work if the stirrups were placed 2 inches farther to the rear and there was a a tree to keep the strap for those stirrups off the spine. Oh, wait. That would require a tree. Remove the stirrups and it would work as an overpriced bareback pad...

  2. I think a treeless saddle is pointless. Have you actually seen a good treeless saddle?? That one doesn't even look confortable!

  3. Hey, it could be the poster child for saddles that actually make the rider have a chair seat. Ugh.

    I have actually seen a couple nice treeless saddles, even ones that actually look like a saddle, not just a blob of leather. I would consider getting one if I could afford it.

  4. Wow. COuld those stirrups be any further forward. I think it has gone beyond chair seat into bed seat.

  5. "Shannon said...
    I think a treeless saddle is pointless. Have you actually seen a good treeless saddle??"

    I have a Sensation Treeless saddle which I absolutely love. It is a "real" saddle not some glorified bareback pad. It is made with super soft quality leather and high tech foams and designed by a horsewoman with a great deal of thought given to weight distribution of the rider and stirrup pressure. It is hands down the most comfortable and secure saddle I've ever ridden in. My horses move much free-er with it too. The saddle pictured above though......ugh-ly and poorly designed.

  6. I agree with you, PRS about this saddle. But i prefer a saddle with a tree. Thats just my opinion, though.

  7. This is a very poor copy of an excellent treeless saddle. The original is custom made in Oregon and called the Rebecca Softride. I owned one and it was very stable, comfortable and my horses were happy in it for long, hilly rides.

    Just like treed saddles, there are garbage treeless and quality treeless saddles out there. This one is the former, and certainly NOT Spanish!

  8. I have ridden in some great treeless saddles, namely the Ansur (though they have gone downhill) Barefoot saddles, and the Heather Moffeits (spelling). Treeless is fantastic on the trails, and when fitted correctly are an excellent alternative to treed, and often, MUCH more comfortable or the horse, AND rider.
    Don't knock it til you try it.