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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What the hell?

Has anyone ever seen one of these before? What the hell kind of snaffle bit is this supposed to be? I have seen double mouthpieces, but never triple, and never spaced out like this. I cannot imagine actually using this on a horse, and how effective would it be? For that matter, what kind of effect are you going for?


  1. Now that is scary, and confusing! I can't even imagine how it would sit in the horse's mouth, let alone function! Please tell me some clever reader made this their self and it's not a real bit... pretty please?

  2. Can't see the use of such an item. Like some of the saddles featured here, it looks like an experiment made by someone who's never actually seen a horse.

  3. Wait, hasn't this been on here before??

    It looks like some kind of Hobby Lobby Home Decor piece made in China - in a shadowbox that says "I Love Hourses" :P

  4. Didn't you feature this masterpiece already? I could swear you did. Otherwise it was on another blog somewhere else in cyberland.

    Either way- that is not something I would ever put in a horses mouth. If you have to go to such extremes- you ain't doing it right.

    I just found a French link for my latest project horse at a wonderful price. Shipping and all it is under $20. Yippee!

  5. Its yet another bit for people who hate their horse's mouths! Yay!

    CNJ, where did you find the French link? I'm looking to get a new one for my boy since somehow he chewed on the copper lozenge thing in the middle of his current one and made it sharp.

  6. I've seen this posted elsewhere and the consensus there was: decorative item, such as for a purse. Equestrian-themed with some "artistic license".

  7. I would certainly hope no one would actually try to use that! But why would anyone do that?

  8. This was posted on Bad_Riding a couple weeks ago for those that know they've seen it before. =P

    I think it was concluded there that it seemed it must be a art/fashion piece. I personally think that the brown background looks like a riding helmet or helmet cover. If so, then the bit could only be about 4" wide total including the rings. =P

  9. Candy's Girl- I browse a large number of online listings.... My problem was finding one large enough to fit the WB mare and this one has a 6" mouthpiece. Everything I have was to fit the Arabs, QH's and the one TB. I am selling a few of my bridles and bits to fund new stuff in size HUGE for her. Besides, if they are gone- I don't have to clean them and I have room for the new stuff coming in.

    What size do you need? I have one that is a loose ring, 5", JP Korsteel brand. Drop me an email (in my profile) if you're interested. I also have a JP Korsteel brand Eggbutt snaffle in 5" and I am asking $15 for either one. Both have been recently cleaned and sanitized, are in excellent condition and ready to use.

    Otherwise let me know what you're after, your price range etc. and I can give you a ton of links and help you find it. I enjoy the thrill of the hunt for deals and bargains like this. I also tend to come across some spectaular deals from time to time. Like a Passier Grand Gilbert saddle for $150 ($3500-3800 new), a County brand dressage saddle for $450, (they are all custom made and the website does not give you prices but a phone number to call for a rep in your area. I have heard they start around $4500). Cattypex can attest to both of these because I sent her the links on them. Once I find something like that, I tend to keep these websites on my radar and check back for more. You never know what will pop up next.

  10. I have actually seen one of these in use by a very experienced horseman, and it is in no way cruel. The horse was perfectly happy and willingy, so much so that he would pluck the bit right out of the man's hand. Every bit has its place.