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Friday, July 23, 2010

Guest Blog - The Silly Red Filly

Hi all, Fatima here. Mom is REALLY busy lately and hasn't been able to write much. She is also apparently too busy for ME even. The very idea! At any rate, it has been to blasted hot to do much here anyway, I am getting all sweaty and icky just standing in the pasture. My boyfriend Lucky says that I am still pretty anyway. Mom has been trimming my toes for me this week, she did the front ones Sunday evening and managed to rasp her knuckle off her little finger and bleed all over me! I was so worried my hair would get bloodstained, but she gave me a shower after and it all came off, thank goodness. Aunt Stephanie held my lead rope for her and wouldn't even let me nudge Mom in the hiney the whole time she was working! Last night Aunt Amina came to hold my leadrope so Mom could do my hind feet. This time Mom was smart enough to wear gloves to avoid rasping her hands. Silly human, why didn't she think of that in the first place?

Anyway, Mom has been telling me about some of the saddles she finds online, and I am horrified that my fellow equines would EVER allow their humans to put some of this stuff on them! I wouldn't be caught dead in this stuff! Can you imagine how this would clash with my pretty red hair?

Ewwww! This thing is HIDEOUS, and USED! Some poor horse had to suffer the indignity of wearing this, perhaps in public. I hope they bucked their owner off for committing this fashion faux-pas! I would have.

Ok, I have to go, Lucky is coming after me with his little ears pinned again because I am ignoring him. Catch you later!


  1. This doesn't need to be on a horse to clash since the seat clashes horribly with the rest of it. GAG!

  2. That saddle belongs on Barbie's horse.

  3. Jennifer, I think my Barbie horses has prettier saddles.

    Even the denim ones!

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