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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ah, and now we see the reason...

He could not have more strongly reenforced a stereotype if he had outright stated, "We don't want none uv yer edjicatin, we're all a bunch of ignert hicks and we like it that way!" (pronounce it phonetically)

Learn and listen,I don't care what you do or who you do it with,but your not gonna do it with us!you go argue somewhere else and cause trouble somewhere else,I don't want to deal with you period!!!!!!!!!! You want attention And someone somewhere has time to mess with you I don't!!!all you've done us try to get everyone to think like you and adapt to your thinking,it won't happen here!! We have rules for a reason,it's clear to me your special and think we' should change the format to accommodate just you,now you need to go bother someone who gives a shit about your cause,you don't have a fight here because you dont need to belittle yourself messing with a bunch of people that are not as smart or as educated as yourself!!! Now you get on down the road and quit stirring up shit!!! We can pick and choose who we deal with and your out! Don't send or call or mail or send a damn carrier pigeon, I don't want to hear from you!!!now since you have this where you can reference to , anytime you feel the need to contact us in the future read this!!!! Because we' dont want to hear from you period!!! Not Now not tomorrow next week next year!!!!! Any further contact to push your ideas or you self on this club will be considered harassment and will be dealt with as such!!!! Do you get it now!!!! Leave us the he'll alone!!!! Kenny

Wow, what a shining example to represent their organization.


  1. Words fail me...perhaps you need to start a tacky person of the day of the day blog.
    Still, you do the horse world a service by exposing asses such as that.

  2. Really? FIrst of all, which organization is this man representing? I'm sorry you had such an awful experience! This was just a small, local horse show right? Was is primarily for gaited horses? Good grief!

  3. I am truly appalled, and feel so badly for you. You went to that show, PAYING THEM $$$, looking forward to exhibiting your pretty mare and excited about riding aside in your lovely habit. What an absolute disgrace that you have been treated in such a fashion! Words fail me. Your queries and replies to that person's emails were appropriate and polite. To have him respond with such venom (not to mention the behavior you've cited of the people actually at the show) is just mind-blowing. What the h*ll is the matter with those people?? I guess you are going to have to stay away from them, unfortunately, and find another venue where your talents will be appreciated. I am so sorry.

  4. Well not only am I apalled by his venom I am not surprised. I have run into this many times in the horse world around Arkansas. Its unfortunate because it leaves you with smaller options in an already non-existant field of options to enjoy your horse. Oh and don't think it is singular to small associations or just here, I have run into at rated shows in other states. It is truely pathatic.

  5. The incidents occured at the Central Arkansas Horse Show Association show this past weekend. I had intended to attend the Arkansas Gaited Horse Show Association's show on the 21st and was met with this sort of response. I have, however found that the Northwest Arkansas Gaited Horse Club will welcome my participation with open arms. So, off I shall go to play with people who are not ignorant, bigoted redneck hicks.

  6. Wait.... this is the Association PRESIDENT?!!??!

    Did he complete 7th grade?

    Again... stupid rednecks. Why do ignorant rednecks have such a chip on their shoulders about minimally articulate people, or education for that matter? I know, I know, I know.... but it makes my stomach hurt.

  7. I just re-read it, and... wow, again.

  8. Is there a parent organization? Or funding board of some kind? He can't be the top of the totem pole (especially not with his education). Remember, you need to stay calm and explain from the beginning since you know they will not get the whole story from him. And I also think you're better off not in an association who has a president who thinks and acts like this.

  9. I honestly can't say if I am more offended by the ignorance of the above email, or the complete and utter lack of proper English grammar...

  10. Bloody hell is all I can say about this whole situation!!
    I once heard a quote and think it's apt in this case "Never argue with an idiot, they drag you down to their level and beat you with experience." LOL!

  11. Wow... Just really? I have no words for how ignorant and bigoted this person sounds. If he is like this about someone riding sidesaddle at a show, one can guess how he is about people in general.

  12. Good Lord.
    A show without a rule book? How strange.
    A ring steward or judge without access to a rule book? Unheard of. No one can memorize every detail. Tons of competitors ask questions about classes. It's the job of the event as a whole to provide clear answers in a polite manner.
    To me, this is bizarre in the extreme. I don't show, but trust me, I've heard a ton of strange questions asked of the steward at dressage shows. Always answered politely (we were all beginners at some point, right?), either "An Answer" or "I'm unclear, let's check that out." or "That does look ambiguous, let's take the rule book to the judge and see if there have been past rulings on this issue."

    It's just as well you got out of there, though I'm sorry you had to deal with such unprofessional and, well - bad - behavior.