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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Oh, the truth will tell...

I sent you an email last night,I just wanted to make sure we had answered your questions! The link you sent that was a woman that was unhappy at the charity show, I went back and checked the records and her story is more made up than Cinderella, there was no stake class she was in and she was the fool that was excused out of a padded stake championship class riding a flatsjod horse, you made comment about the rules, most are handed down from twhbea you might want to start there to change the rules, ours follow theirs, it seems. Strange to me I've had more trouble out of you and have never met you than all the people that I do deal with!! Some things you've said raise red flags, you want people to notice and say stuff about you are you wouldn't try to be so foreign in your tack ,your dress and your ideas, your gonna reap what you sow ,I'm just not interested in dealing with you,I learned enough from sat night and a few years ago at searcy at a Shetland show ,I don't think we need to have Christmas dinner together anymore!!! We are on different pages! - Kenny McGowan, President AGHSA

My reply...

Actually, sir. You very clearly have me confused with someone else. I have never been to a Shetland show, I have only lived in the state for a couple of years and only had my horse here for one year. I have never shown in Arkansas or at all anywhere in the past 10 years, or had any contact with local horse people before Saturday.

As to using TWHBEA rules, according to them, an English side saddle is approved tack. The only banned saddle is the Australian stock saddle.

As for the rest, yes I want people to look and ask questions. It is called education and public outreach. This lack of knowledge illustrates the need for education and exposure to new ideas. Reap what I sow? Education, new ideas, history? Ok, I will reap those things, gladly.

As for my "foreign" appearance, the only difference between my riding habit and appropriate TWHBEA dress is the apron/skirt. Normal TWH show attire in English classes is also pants or side saddle skirt/apron, shirt, vest, coat and bowler hat.

Ah, blissful ignorance.


  1. If you go to the AGHSA website, they appear to been hacked.

    Kenny McGowan also can't write with proper grammer or professionalism to take seriously.

  2. The website has been taken offline when I went to it!

  3. Oh man, reading his email made me cringe time and time again. Is that a 5th grade grammar education? How did someone like that become president? Of course, grading his spelling won't help with the argument.
    As you said, yes, you ride sidesaddle for the pleasure (personal preference) as well as education. It's in accordance with the rules, so why should you have to assimilate? Someone needs to read his own guidelines.

  4. I sure hope their website has been hacked and that letter IS NOT from the president! If so, how unprofessional and downright ODD.

  5. I had to reread that email multiple times just to crudely understand it. If it is indeed from the president, he is a mighty poor representative. You're better off staying clear of people like that.

  6. If i was was you I would forward that email to "him" again just to clarify that this was indeed him and not a hi-jack status from some imbecile...then I would have to sit back and take in the shock that someone with his title could respond to you in such manner....

  7. Given their website HAS been hacked, I would be quite inclined to forward that email back to him and say 'I think your email got hacked too'.

    Are there other shows you can go to?

  8. And I wouldn't mind learning to ride aside myself. I got to try it once, a long time ago, and it was a lot more comfortable than I thought.