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Thursday, May 19, 2011


[krap-tak-uh-stahn] (noun) a subcontinent in South Asia well known for producing low quality, unattractive, ill fitting, and often structurally unsound horse equipment.

Examples -

Thank you cattypex for coining this term!


  1. that green *thing* a side saddle?

  2. Cattypex! That's awesome! What IS that green thing?

  3. The green thing looks like a crappy treeless to me.

  4. What is that beige thing supposed to be?

    Love all the saddles you find...inspired me. I made a 'tacky tack' gaming set for model showing..

  5. Oh, I love all the ones with color all over. I have always wondered who on earth would ever actually buy one and I think it must be non-horsey doting grandparents buying for a child. I can't come up with another scenario.

  6. Yay! Me Famous!!!! ;-)

    Yeah, that green thing and the beige disaster: they look like a great way for a rider to suddenly find themselves upside down under their horse - and still in the saddle.

    There's Treeless, and then there's Overpriced Dangerous Bareback Pad.

    People who know little about horses get caught up in the idea of a "blanket" or "pad" saddle, I think because it's romantic to them. It's like skimpy lingerie on a woman instead of stark nekked. It looks prettier, but accomplishes the same purpose.