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Friday, May 20, 2011

Shockingly Pink

Another lovely *cough* piece from the intrepid saddle makers in Craptackistan. This one hurts to look at, the searing pink flowers just kind of burn the retinas.


  1. Color me pink for liking, against all reason, the cantle roll. My inner 10 year old? I need to be saved from myself.

  2. If the rest of the saddle was done tastefully, the cantle roll done up like that wouldn't be so bad. lol

  3. this saddle makes me feel weird inside... like I want to puke, or... take some pepto bismol... or... something.... yet I sort of like aspects of it.... uh.... yeah I'm at a loss

  4. Did anyone else see the Bones episode with the "Bone Eating Snot Flower"? That's kind of what all that pink reminds me of...