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Friday, May 1, 2009

FEI World Equestrian Games

So, who else besides me and my friend Mallory are going? It is! I am so excited and it is still over a year away! We have to decide when during the event we are going, we can't go for the whole time because of work. The Alltech folks were here this week with some of their products and they had nifty brochures and such. I am somewhat concerned that tickets may be prohibitively expensive, but they have yet to post prices. If I have to, I'll sell a kidney or something. Heck, I have two!


  1. I'm going!

    I thought I saw ticket prices posted... somewhere.... They were between $100 and $250, I think (per division).

    Very exciting, even though I'm a bit sad that I'll have to pick and choose which disciplines to watch.

  2. I thought the gates had been opened for volunteering at the games? Get to see the
    action for free then :)

  3. I have been repeatedly broadcasting that I want tix. for my 40th Birthday!!!!!!! I only live 3 hrs away.....

  4. I AM JEALOUS, especially since you will be where the National Walking Horse Association HQ is! (I'm a NWHA committee member and staunch supporter--can you tell?)

  5. I live 40 minutes from Lexington and i am not excited about this. The hotels are booked from lex on up to cinci. With Derby traffic today, i like to never got home. I can imagine just what traffic is going to be like during the games. Ill have to leave an hour early!

  6. Not going, but I got an email from a rescue group to send photo's of your horse and a written statement of why they are 'winners' in their own right. It's one of their four fundraisers they hold each year. $10 per horse, 3 for $25 or $50 for 10+ horses. Then you have friends and family vote- $5 per vote, for the horses or the rescue.

    I can post it or email the info to our 'leader' here to get the word out.