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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Now, to add to the horror...

Here are a couple of other saddles from the same seller of the pink monstrosity from yesterday.



Terrible, you say? Well, it gets worse...

Blue OSTRICH print! Gag.

Purple OSTRICH print!

Gosh, this really doesn't help the migraine, and I am wearing polarized sunglasses (really).


  1. Eye bleach needed after viewing these horrors. Does anyone really buy these? Those faux ostrich things look diseased. :-{

  2. And here I thought the english crowd wasn't into this crap......guess I was wrong! These are beyond tacky, that last one is just blinding!

  3. I'm torn.....between the blue ostrich and the purple ostrich.....LOL

    I would have a lot of fun with one of those.....a LOT of fun.

  4. They look like something out of a bad Gaultier photo shoot with overt sexual overtones.

    VERY overt.

  5. Oh my! I don't even know that that is purple. It's more like radioactive magenta. It's one thing that they are hideously colored. It is another thing entirely that they look like cardboardy POS!

  6. lol, the text descriptions alone make me giggle:

    *For special, what doesn't what look her everybody has ???
    *super more elegantly
    *Saddle has a slim waist, Close contact for near to the horse !! Consisting of leather !!!
    *Do you pay shippingcosts only once !!!
    *If you have questions , send me a mail and I answer so fast it´s possible.
    Look at my other articles!
    In any case include me in your favorites!
    You report newsletter for mine at, by including my shop in your list of the preferential sellers and shops

    Now, clearly the seller isn't an English speaker, but come on, if you're going to try to sell stuff on an American site, good English is helpful. Pay to hire a translator instead of using a horrible free one off the Internet. The listings for the bridles are all in German.

  7. Ooh, here's a pink saddle with BLING!

  8. HAHA I didn't even notice the Engrish!!


  9. Wow. [[[pause]]]]
    I love purple. That is not purple. It is some sort of screaming magenta. Might look nice on a flower. But not an entire saddle.

  10. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

  11. OMG, you're right, DigitSis--they DO look diseased! It's like a really bad case of the chicken pox!

  12. CP-
    So were you also thinking the ostrich skin looks like some sort of French Tickler?

    Only with the pleasure bumps in all the wrong places...

    I guess that's what I get for reading too much WWHM and PLFM.

    That purple thing looks like a nuclear reactor vomited on it.

  13. You know, he/she needs to get a lime green one made - screaming dayglo lime green. In ostrich! Now I'll wear my mint green helmet and carry my lime green whip, but.................

  14. What would you ride in? Anything that you would ride in would stain your pants.... i'm feeling ill!!