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Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Faves Links

Taking a page from Kathy over at FHOTD, I am posting links to some of my favorite websites featuring one of my favorite subjects, equine color genetics. It truly irks me that a large number of people seem to have no idea what color their horse is! I see gray advertised as silver dapple, chestnut as palomino, roan as cremello (yes really, I have), and chestnut as bay. Here are some helpful and fascinating sites.

Equine Color Genetics

The Horse Color Site

Horse Color Genetics This one is NEAT!

The following photos are of a rescue horse that was brought to the Vet Tech school that I graduated from. This is the most interesting coat color combination I have personally seen. He is a palomino pintaloosa, and I wish I had been able to take him home!

Have a great weekend!


  1. I will have to check these links out, as I'm fascinated by coat color genetics as well. And what a pretty boy! That is a strange mix of colors there, but he's so unique. I would love to have taken him, too!

  2. I actually did a semi-portriat model of him, not an exact one because I didn't have pics of all sides of him.

  3. I had a good one one time. I had a black arab stallion, and a couple brought me a grey grad arab mare. They owned her dam and grandam. Well they were blessed with a BUCKSKIN filly....explain that one. Well it seems said mare was not purebred (they knew that but she was like 7/8ths), she was actually a bucky that also was grey and she passed that on to her daughter. the filly also turned grey. But I sure did a WTF?? when I saw her cus I KNOW my stud was PB.

  4. We have a pintaloosa. He is a clydesdale cross and is black + Sabino + Blanket. Unfortunately try telling that to passport registry here in the UK... I hate that most brits don't know JS about horse colours. Most don't know what buckskins are and think that buckskins are called duns... As for any of the complex colours... don't get me started.

  5. While I can appreciate a pretty colored horse, or a well trained, well behaved horse regardless of the color...

    That pintaloosa is a cutie! I know of a woman in So. Cal. who breeds mini's and last I knew was trying for a more consistent pintaloosa crossing. I don't know how 'into' the whole color genetics thing she submerged herself, or if she ever got one or any?

    I leave the color stuff to the rest of you, who are so much more inclined to research it all. As long as the horse is put together right and has a FUNCTIONING brain between it's ears... I'm happy.

  6. The online Color Calculator is a neat idea but unless you know just what genes a horse has the %'s can be way off.

  7. I want the appaloosa he's a cutie. I saw a Pintaloosa years ago that was a blue roan I mean she was blue she looked like a paint from her face to about the middle of her barrel where there was a shockingly straight line and then she had the spotted blanket I wish I had taken pictures

  8. That palomino pintaloosa is just gorgeous! Can I use your photos for my new blog?

  9. Actually, if anyone has some good photos of their horses that they want to send me, I could use them. My new blog What Color Is My Horse? is for explaining color in layman's terms so that people don't get too bogged down in technical jargon. And because I really love studying color in horses--I admit it. It's a passion of mine.

    So, I need photos of all kinds of colors of horses, solid, spotted, whatever! So just visit the blog at on how to send me photos! Thanks in advance for your help!

  10. Katphoti... what a great idea!!!

    Hee hee... another way to spot a booksmart but clueless newbie in the US? They've read too many British horse books and refer to Piebalds and Skewbalds. ; )

    I'm a tiny bit sad about the explosion in color genetics, because it would be nice to be surprised by your foal's colors!

    Now, they need to obsess over genetic markers for... bad feet, calf knees, etc. !!!!!!!!!!

  11. Katphoti- If you would like to figure out my little guys' color and tell me just WTF! it is??? Come on out this weekend and take all the pictures you want!

    I can also show you pictures of his second spotted filly. Both out of a Dunalino(?) (palomino with dun factor markings) mare. The first filly came out just like him in every way- color, personality, trainability- everything.

    I will have to find the disc with his body clipped pictures and the pictures of both fillies, for an added bonus...