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Monday, May 25, 2009

More Patriotic Tacky Tack

Am I the only one who thinks it's kind of disrespectful to make such hideous tack using our flag
as inspiration?

The white patches instead of silver plates just make the outfit don't they?


  1. The white things have to go. I don't see it as flag-inspired, I see it as just another red saddle.

    While I wouldn't buy it, the one you showed on Thursday is rather nice, too.....would work GREAT for a drill team or a parade.

    What I DO have a problem with is disrespect shown TO our flag.....such as terrorists burning it, or scruffy protesters wearing a flag patch on the butt of their jeans, as they spit at our returning soldiers. (Sorry, didn't mean to get political.)

  2. What I don't like about this is how the bridle and breastcollar have no blue on them. How exactly does it match? I also don't like the "panels" of color. Just stitch an American flag patch on both sides of the skirt and be done with it!

  3. Miss Manners once said that the very best way to display our flag is on the vehicles in your motorcade. ;-)

    How come so many rabidly flagworshiping rednecks have no problem wearing Old Glory on their boxers or thongs? I HATE that. I hate this saddle too. I DO kind of like the one from the other day for something like a drill team. But not for everyday.

    I like a lot of things about the USA and it is, after all, my country, but I'm weird enough about symbols to not want to cheapen them.

    Admittedly I also hate nonleather tack, so I'm immediately horrified.

  4. Just another psycho-synthetic to me. Bright colors and silver do nothing to improve the fit or the quality...