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Monday, May 4, 2009

Tacky Triple Play

Today I have a triple play of hideous for you. The first one is not too horrible, being in acceptable earth tones. While I don't personally care for it, I am not offended by it. For a trail saddle, this would be fine. I am assuming that it is all synthetic, it is really difficult to tell.

This version however, is far less tolerable. It is a pale turquoise blue and black. I really don't care for it at all.

Lastly, we have something that looks like a prop from a Victoria's Secret photo shoot. Screaming pink and black, you can hear this one from miles away.


  1. I'd take the first one in a heartbeat if it meant not having to look at the other two. Ewwwwwwww...

  2. Why am I seeing a trend with all the grossest saddles being photographed on the same piece of flower covered white picket fence? Is one manufacturer to blame for ALL of this tacky tack madness?

  3. I actually quite like the second one. But I don't ride, so you don't have to worry.

  4. My first thought too Silly Pony. What is with the white picket fence and flowers that seems to go with a lot of this hideous tack. That said, the first one is fine but the 2nd two, especially the pink one,are,and I quote, 'ewwwwwww'.

  5. The first one at first glance looks like cheap tooled leather. Then theres the other The sad thing is people are buying this stuff. If they weren't companies would stop making it.

  6. I was not aware that pink could come in such a hideous shade! The first one is tolerable (though I would never PAY for it) and it looks 100% synthetic to me.

    Someone, somewhere must buy this crap or they wouldn't be making it? It must either be kids or people with the color sense of "Mimi" on the Drew Carry Show?

  7. haha my comment was posted at 102pm. Its 402pm here. I never noticed that before.

  8. Thie first one isn't so bad, the second one, well, ick. The third one though, DAMN!

    Talk about easing us into the depths of disgusting. You may have to adopt Weasels, pic's of fluffy kittens as a warning for eye assault about to happen.

    And yeah, I noticed the familiar picket portions and same lame flowers. What's up with that? Are they trying to get featured here for their spring line up?

  9. I googled "saddlesnstuff" (the watermark on the blue saddle pic) and came up with the Ebay seller "saddlesnstuff". Nearly all of their photos are with that fence!

    LINK TO SADDLESNSTUFFCheck out THIS ONEALL synthetic. Yack.

    AND they have a blog:

  10. i liked the 2nd one until i imagined it on a horse.

  11. I can see the first one on a little boy's pony. Ditto for the next two on a little girl's pony - probably purchased by some doting grandparent tht has no clue. Please tell me those are pony-size and would be quickly outgrown about the same time the precious princess outgrows her crazy about pastels faze?

  12. I am so happy that you guys are promoting my saddlesnstuff Ebay store & Blog. I used to sell only leather saddles in the brown, tan,mahogany,and black leather. I have a little girl and many nieces and nephews who love to have their own style of things. They don't care so much as to what others think.".it's not how you look on the outside, but who you are on the inside"..I try to teach them that as someone taught me. Hey! I can't stand putting my children in Spongebob or Little Mermaid clothes or buying into the "name brand status". But if a child feels good and confident riding in her favorite affordable pink saddle...or the little guy in his brown synthetic with running ponies stamped along the border of the skirts...I am happy. Who says saddles have to be all leather? Who says they can only be black, brown, or tan? There are alot of young riders who like "pretty" so why not offer them "pretty"? I try to find new and different designs and offer them to people who otherwise would not be able to afford a decent saddle for their child. Children outgrow things so fast and lose interest, so why do parents need to spend a 2-4 weeks salary on a pony saddle. Who does it hurt? If people like pink or orange why not make it available for them? There are so many rules in life..let the color of the saddle be one small freedom a person has. I do agree that sometimes some colors are a bit hideous..but that's not my choosing & usually a mistake on the manufacturer's part...but there usually is a buyer somewhere in the world. As for the picket saddles are at the warehouse..not at the farm and so it makes it a quick and pleasing way to photograph my saddles as they come in....makes my job a little more pleasant and hopefully sets my pictures off from all of the other thousands of saddle pictures on EBAY or the internet. I do enjoy reading this blog and it brightens my day...thanks to the humor in all of your readers. I am honored to have made your list so many days...and the increase in sales.
    I do appreciate the constructive remarks and try to improve where I can. Even adults like "pretty"...if you saw the faces of the children who open these bright saddles would probably buy them too for your own children or grandkids! A man even told me his wife cried when she opened her rhinestone saddle package...out of joy! >>>I know what some of you were saying>>LOL
    Ok, my kids get to eat this week and I've made some children very what more could I ask for?
    Thank you to all from Ebay's store: Saddlesnstuff
    Ok..I can now cancel my appointment with the shrink after this! hehehe!

  13. Well, assuming they'd fit my horse......I'd use the last 2......they're FUN!!!

    I can easily see that pink one on a ditzy pally mare.....LOL....

  14. Saddles n Stuff: Glad to see you took our opinions in stride.

    I found this beauty, which must weight a TON:

  15. I am glad that saddle n stuff responed! Good for you! That takes guts and I admire people w/ guts. I also like the fact that you were not nasty and have a sense of humor! I do agree with the "to each his own" theory. However, some of the saddles are really awful!

  16. @Saddles-N-Stuff-

    I'm glad you replied and yes while we each form and often share our own opinions as to what is attractive, acceptable or not, I only have a couple of things to comment on what you said.

    >>I try to find new and different designs and offer them to people who otherwise would not be able to afford a decent saddle for their child.<<

    I tell parents/clients to look for quality first. It may cost a little more, but it is an investment which can be recovered in full or part, when little Suzy outgrows the pony, saddle or the horse-craze-phase altogether. Just because you think it is 'cool' or 'pretty' doesn't mean others share your same taste and this will become obvious when it comes time to resell.

    >>Children outgrow things so fast and lose interest, so why do parents need to spend a 2-4 weeks salary on a pony saddle. Who does it hurt?<<

    Sometimes it hurts the pony/horse involved. Pain often leads to evasive measures and can get a rider dumped. An ill fitting saddle (and synthetics I have rarely seen fit right) can lead to bucking which can turn into a bad habit which may be hard to break.

    Quality tack is always a sound investment, even if just as a saftey measure.

    Cheap tack is often just that- cheaply priced because it is cheaply made out of cheap materials.

    Cheaply priced, cheaply made from cheap materials, can lead to a child/person being injured when the materials and/or poor workmanship fail. Often it all falls apart at the worst possible moment and usually when you are depending on it the most.

    How much do you value your safety? Your childs? Your clients?

  17. Sorry folks, but if the saddle came in Purple (dark, not pastel) I would buy it for the girls and their pony. We already have every other piece of purple tack and grooming tool out there.

  18. Oh, that first one is lovely! I have to say it really appeals to me. The second one would be ok if the blue and black were swapped around. The pink? blech. I'm sure it would look cute on a little pony but not my cup of coffee I'm afraid.

  19. Regardless of whether people LIKE saddles in "tacky" colors, safety comes first, like Cut N Jump said. If I had a kid, I would buy them a saddle in any color if they were just riding around. If they're happy, I'm happy. As long as I didn't care about recovering the sale value, it'd be fine. You rarely get much back with kids saddles. However, I am opposed to buying saddle manufactured with the corners cut. These stirrups are attatched in a less-than-idea way for my preferences. I would prefer to buy a higher end saddle with different attachments and also probably a deeper level of fleece with a pricey-er tree. It may be $200.00 more, but I don't want to pay for $1200.00 in chiro visits because it doesn't fit.