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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Green not envy.

Thank you to a couple of dedicated Tacky hunters for sending me these two positively putrid examples of Tack. I really cannot for the life of me, figure out why anyone in the world would want this first specimen. Not only is it considerably fugly, it looks cheaply made too. How much you want to bet the "dye" will rub right off?

This one is a lovely example as well. It would be a fairly nice used saddle if it weren't for the seat and jockeys being such a nice shade of puke green. Yuck.


  1. Is that lace on the trim of the first one? yuk!The second one is not bad. You would never see much of the green when the rider is in the seat. It looks like it was well made, and it was probably hunter green when new. Does everyone remember few years back (maybe 10)when everything was hunter green. It was in peoples homes, on tack, clothes etc.

  2. woah. those are ugly saddles. I don't mind a few green accents but all over is going way too far.

  3. Army green is not just for the army any longer (or so it appears). Too bad for us, YUCK!

  4. Green is my favorite color. Or I should say WAS my favorite color. That first saddle is terrible. If it is real leather, which I doubt, the finish will either was off or crack off. Who buys those things? Someone has too or they would not make them.

    I had a saddle like that second one. Back in 1980 when I was barrel racing my mare. They were popular barrel saddles for a short while. They were considered light weight and with the suede jockeys you stayed put better. They came in royal blue, light blue, bottle green, tan, brown and black seat versions. Mine had the green seat and round skirts. I only could afford it because I got it at an auction. What can I say, I was 19, just married and on a tight budget.

  5. WOWZA, that first one is heinous. 2nd one wouldn't be too bad for a "guest rider" trail saddle.

    Like the other poster said, it may have BEEN hunter green back in the day. Circa. 1994 ish !

  6. The second one is on the Phoenix CL(!) for anyone wondering...

    Like you wouldn't have guessed?

    Is it me or does the tooling on the fender of the first saddle resemble a butterfly??? Maybe it does, or doesn't and I need more coffee. Being that it is after noon, maybe I should spike my coffee with some Bushmills or Jamesons.

    As for the everything 'hunter green' comment... We have several accents in our house that are hunter green. But since they are accents- they can easily be changed for something in another color. Everything in moderation.

    I do remember the appliances in a puke inducing shade of Avacado. Harvest Gold anyone?

  7. Drillrider said...
    Army green is not just for the army any longer (or so it appears). Too bad for us, YUCK!

    Hate me or not- the fly masks I make that sell the quickest are trimmed in camoflage and have tanks, chevrons or other military 'things' on them. Trimed with hunter green webbing of course. LOL!

  8. H: I was holding my own, (barely) thinking, Hmmm could these be companions to the mermaid saddles? The you mentioned the lace:Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. *runs for the hills*

  9. That first one is horrid. Peee-yoook! The 2nd one would not be so bad if only the seat were green.

  10. I was thinking the first saddle came out of the 70s since it's that LOVELY avocado color (I'm with you, CNJ). I didn't know a green saddle could make me turn green....


  11. Harvest Gold!!!

    I remember that awful color all too well. I only got rid of a hideous harvest gold refrigerator 3 years ago. The damn thing just wouldn't die. We bought it new to match the rest of the appliances in our rented house when we got married in 1979. The incredible gold hulk lasted 27 years! My husband wouldn't let me replace it until it finally died.

    Oh and I had the matching avocado green clothes dryer too. YUCK!! At least that was in the basement.

  12. Oh my, that green seat is the perfect shade of "saddle mold", like if you'd left your tack in a damp cellar and it grew that wonderful green stuff after a few months in damp darkness! Icky!

  13. See what happens when you store saddles in damp tack rooms! Those saddles are growing mold! lol.
    Well, thats the only way I can see a saddle getting that color.