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Friday, November 6, 2009

Just, Ew...

This is quite possibly one of the most hideous show saddles I have ever seen. And really, if it weren't for the horn, it would be tolerable. However, that is probably the most ostentatious THING I have ever laid eyes on. A silver eagle head for a horn? Really?


  1. Wow, I hope the horse never hits his neck on the beak, ouch!

  2. I know this is nit-picky, but I can't help being almost-distracted from the horn-of-beakiness by the stand the saddle is on.

    What's up with the uphill thing? Would it be SO hard to put a folded-up blanket or something under the back end of the saddle so it sits level?

  3. I can see someone grabbing at the horn in a moment of panic and drawing back a bloody, lacerated hand. Ouch! Is it really that uphill? Or is it just set up on a crappy saddle stand? Other than the horn, the rest of the saddle doesn't "look" bad but it isn't anything that I would want.

  4. PRS, I thought the same thing. I'd grab the horn out of a panic reaction and get stabbed. The feathers look like it would also have the characteristics of a cheese grater.

  5. Count me among those who just can't imagine that horn as other than an injury waiting to happen.

    Tacky - I hope you're doing better, you've got a lot of fans.

  6. This is truly horrible.

    I don't think there can be a good explanation for it. Besides, who wants to ride a freaking eagle? That's a looooong way to fall.

  7. Like so many Western show saddles, it's trite, graceless and vulgar.

    Vulgar... I don't use that word nearly often enough!

    The seat, though... all I can think of is "Ribbed... for Her Pleasure!"

    Gives new meaning to the term "Western Pleasure," eh?

    As for the horn, maybe someone made this for Stephen Colbert...

  8. My favorite word recently is "vile" and that certainly fits this! Agree with everyone that one false move around that beak and you would have a punctured limb!

  9. Did anyone else notice the irony that the horn is the eagle's head and the seat is ostrich? Yeeeaaahh...definitely ugly.

  10. ACK! I can just see the horn imbedding itself into something. Likely the horses neck as it flips over on the rider, when they finaly get sick of all the jerking and jabbing. Notice it gets the horse, not the asshat rider who truly deserves it. Isn't that always the way?

  11. Lon, I do believe that is a western saddle on an English saddle stand...

    Fine until the cowboy forgets himself and grabs the horn...ow.

  12. CnJ, the first thing I thought of was a sudden stop, the rider going way forward onto the horse's neck - and then trying to slide back in the saddle! In that case, the right one gets the beak!


  13. took me a few minutes to fully understand the eagle-horn.

    The only thing I can think of is
    "Touch the eagle-horn....touch it I say!
    (in a trance, the young eventor touches the eagle beak....and draws blood. She falls off horse in a faint, in a deep sleep (coma))
    "Mwahahahaha....the blue ribbon is MINE!"

  14. I saw one tonight that didn't look nearly as nice cheap leather and silver, with a horse head instead of the eagle. Tacky tacky..