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Monday, November 16, 2009

Pinky Pukey

Ewwwww, and the saddle pad SO does not match the saddle in any way. Looks like really high quality stuff too.

Personal update: I am doing better, getting over the grief and moving on into disgust and anger. I will get through this, I am strong and I can stand on my own.


  1. Just remember: if shopping makes you feel better, indulge in higher quality things than this. I'm glad you're doing well.

  2. No matter what Yoda says, disgust & anger can be very therapeutic when you've been seriously wronged by someone who shouldn't wrong you.

    And.... I feel disgust and anger when I see that set!!!

  3. Good for you. And, keep in mind that it was NOT you. It was him. Keep your chin up and keep going. That saddle, why?

  4. Well... lol that saddle pad is free.... lol dog bedding maybe? lol

  5. But the pad is free! Who wouldn't want it? Glad to hear you are moving forward.

  6. LOL! Crappy saddle pads do make great dog beds! Unfortunately you have to buy the craptacular saddle to get the crappy saddle pad.

    Disgust and anger are very cathartic! Glad you are doing better.

  7. So glad you are doing better! You'll have good days and bad days, but just know that in the end you will come out the other side a stronger and wiser person!

    As for the saddle....I hate pink, but would hate it anyway because it is a cheap piece of ca-ca!

  8. Thanks for the update, good to know you're doing better...though I'm sure it will be up and down. It's a horrible thing to go through.

    Saddle: well, ya gotta laugh, right? Something better be free with this lot.

  9. there is gonna be someone else who will treat you better. i am learning this myself, at the moment. imo, a rebound is an excellent way to solve this. ;) (i am making an assumption, so i hope i am not making the wrong one).

    as for the saddle, it will go PERFECT with the new pony i just bought on!!!!! haha!