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Friday, November 13, 2009

Really high quality...

NOT!! Oh. My. Gawd. this thing is HIDEOUS!! That looks like plastic lacing on it too (wouldn't surprise me) and the color, yuck!

Also check out that sturdy rigging, I bet you couldn't even tighten the girth without catastrophic failure.


  1. Remember when the crappy tack came from Argentina?

    Now that stuff looks GOOD compared to this shit.

    SERIOUSLY, people, if you're in the market for a saddle and you don't have a lot of cash.... EBAY. Tack swap. Craigslist.

  2. ummm, just what color is it? It looks like pinkish tan??? Probably guaranteed to not fit any horse anywhere.

  3. It's red-pink and purple. Two colors that only belong on toy horse tack...and then not together.

  4. *sigh* It's so sad to see many of your favorite things all in the same place and have it be an epic FAIL.

    raspberry, purple, gold stitching, retro lacing (very weird tan horn)

    It's a clothing line concept, not a saddle!