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Monday, December 14, 2009

I Hate Monday

I know, I can do better, but hey, it's Monday and I am sleepy. So today I just have something weird looking, no glaring colors or sparklies. I have posted these before, they are two seat saddles, and they seem like a really bad idea to me. This can't possibly fit many horses comfortably. I am curious to know how they are made.


  1. Yeah thats great, the stupid thing would dig into a horses hip. I could see maybe those flexible tag along seats but they are not permanent.

  2. >>I am curious to know how they are made.<<

    My guess- like crap. Digging into the hip, constant pressure on the kidneys and a little kid for padding the fall of the adult when the horse finaly has enough and flips over.

    Aren't I just the blue bird of freakin happiness lately?

  3. And a matching headstall and breastplate? NNoooooo

  4. Yeah, as Cut-N-Jump said, because I want someone sitting there digging their heels into my horse's kidneys the whole ride. Yuck.

    Not to mention, when I trained the world champion Missouri Fox Trotter, Sunrise Golden Image, we had to take 6 months off training because someone had ridden him wrong and had someone sitting behind the saddle bouncing along on his lower back and the strain from the saddle and a havy rider on his spine caused him to pull the muscles across his back. It took 8 months for him to recover and a whopping vet bill from the meds, accupuncture, and the orthopedic massages he had to have.

    I don't understand why people think sitting someone that far back on a horse's back and 'heeling' them in the kidneys is all right...

  5. I'm amazed at how little thought some people put into things but am gobsmacked that such creations actually get made.

    Why not stick two more at the front and sprout two more off each side and go for the whole balancing troupe routine. Add some self igniting firecrackers and a cotton candy machine and voila! your own three ring circus so you can compete on America's Got Talent !!!!

    ****shakes head****

  6. I can't see that fitting most horses without sitting right on the loin.

  7. oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!