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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Scary Pink Saddle of the Week

Wow, this is a real winner here folks. Black and pink and YIKES! And it comes with accessories, including a FREE PAD! I especially like the sparkly pink diamonds and edging around the skirts and fenders. I believe it is a synthetic, but am not sure.


  1. pleasebeponysized....pleasebeponysized....pleasebeponysized....pleasebeponysized....pleasebeponysized....pleasebeponysized....pleasebeponysized....pleasebeponysized....pleasebeponysized....pleasebeponysized....pleasebeponysized....pleasebeponysized....pleasebeponysized....pleasebeponysized....pleasebeponysized....pleasebeponysized....pleasebeponysized....pleasebeponysized....pleasebeponysized....

    ....or else I might explode.

    For some reason it makes me think of Flo, from Mel's Diner.

    Kiss My Grits!

  2. I actually think this is better than the pink ones paired with oiled or lightly stained leather, since this at least makes a contrasting statement. The others just clash. I still would never use it.

  3. uck. I thought the diamonds were buckstitching at first. Dunno which would be worse!

    Oh, BTW, I saw the scary plastic-y looking blue and black english saddle on eBay the other day! I lol'd.

  4. Well, if it was lime green, my niece would love it. But it would also have to be very well made, for barrel racing, and leather.

    No, I don't share her taste in colors and decoration! Ecch!


  5. At least it's not Barbie pink. Not bad for a pink saddle, but not right for a saddle.
    Now if it came in purple !and pony size