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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Scary Pink Saddle of the Week

Wow, this color combination just really offends me for some reason. The bridle and breastcollar in no way match the saddle either. Yuck.


  1. I don't know if I'm more offended by the tan or the pink, but almost, in this case, by the tan, which doesn't look good with EITHER the dark leather OR the pink suede.

  2. Yeah, it's ugly alright. The pink ostrich is particularly offensive.

  3. I sense a great disturbance in the Force....

    Oh, wait, it's just the unholy existence of this POS.

    Really, it shouldn't be that awful, but then you add it up:

    1) Ostrich trim (which I bet is fake, making it even worse)

    2) PINK ostrich trim

    3) FOUR colors that don't go together

    4) Basketweave AND floral tooling AND inlaid crap

    5) What's up with the 6-point stars: Why aren't they normal 5-point stars? Is this aimed toward a Jewish market? If so, I think a sideways Star Of David might offend....

    6) Actually, the overall crappy quality of this thing offends the WHOLE WORLD, even the Third World country in which it was probably made.

  4. Oh Oh Oh!!! Is this the one I sent to you? I think this one I get to claim!!! I saw it on EBAY while looking for a new barrel saddle. Stumbled across this cause I typed 15'' barrel saddle into the search bar and this was the first on the list. My firts thought upon seeing the thumbnail is hmmm not too bad then I clicked on ti and gagged and immediately said TTOTD!!!!

  5. So, why would you put light tan, burgundy and pink all on the same saddle and then pair it with a medium leather bridle?? WHY, OH WHY??

    My eyes will never be the same!

  6. Do the bridle, reins and breastcollar not have any pink faux ostrich on them? Because they would be fine on their own without.

    Now the saddle on the other hand... Round file, 86 it or otherwise trash it. Who buys this shit? I ask because if you're going to throw your money away, send it to TTOTD. I'm sure she could distribute it to a worthy cause.

  7. We have here...
    multiple colours
    fake exotic leather
    It's a tri-fecta of bad taste!

  8. Does anyone really buy this dreadful crap?

    It's just wrong on so many levels.

    Perhaps (?)without the tan, the dark brown and strawberry suede might possibly (??) be okay together but holy cow, know when to stop adding stuff that so shouldn't be there.

    YUK YUK YUK *shakes head*

  9. Where do you find this stuff? And it just keeps on coming!!