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Friday, December 11, 2009

More retina searing, seizure inducing tack...

Wow, if you thought I couldn't top yesterday's painfully bright Tack....

NEENER! I can!

Please don protective eyewear...

GAH! Rainbow Bright attacks!


  1. Way back when I worked on the Horse Staff of a local day camp. All our horses had brightly colored nylon bridles and we joked about achieving this exact look by mixing and matching the bridle components. We never did it, though. We weren't quite that tacky!

  2. Yikes! It looks like they randomly pulled parts out of a grab bag to make this. It's ugly enough in one color. I really don't like nylon tack to begin with.

  3. That isnt even a good combination of rainbow.

  4. OMG <--- I literally said that! This is what I need to blind spectators at shows... where do I find this? I LOVE YOU TACKY you have fulfilled my rainbow dreams!

  5. Can you just picture these with a rainbow tie died t-shirt wearing rider? OH MY! I agree, not even a good combination of rainbow colors, just UGLY!

  6. Ok while the colors are indeed hideous I just have ot stand up for the tack, not the colors but the manufacturer. Being a tack dealer I know exactly which company makes this tack.... it's Parker Enterprises... and I have got to say when it comes to nylon Parker knows their stuff. There is not another producer of nylon tack that has stuff as high quality as theirs. The "tie-dye" line is geared mainly towards kids and ponies. I have yet to sell a set to an adult that was not buying for their kids. Now they do make a super nice rainbow rein that is black nylon ends with multicolored braided cord... even I have a pair of those for training my barrel horses lol.

    I'm fairly certain (since I sell it) that Parker made the tack mentioned yesterday and there again I haven't sold any to adults most kids and some teen riders that think it's cool.

    I have had my parker tack for 10 years it's not faded one bit, it's still just as bright and pretty as they day ti was made. The key is washing it on delicate with a very mild detergant (like baby detergant) and DO NOT dry in the dryer, drip dry it.

  7. I confess..... I kind of like it for kids or trail riders.

    It's colored NYLON, not leather.

    It would look super cute on a black or gray pony, with a tie-dye saddle pad.

  8. Wow! Followed closely by DaaaAAAaaamn!!!

    Can I just say, nylon tack in water = slicker than snot... Found that out swimming a horse once. At least this one would be visible from the bottom of the pond.

  9. I'm just wondering if they did it that way to show off all the colors it comes in......

    The mint green would match one of my helmets and the salmon would match one of my saddle pads LOL

  10. Have to say though, I know this type of nylon tack. I have that exact bridle in baby blue. I't's not cheap tack, it's well made and can stand alot of wear. I've had my bridle, reins and breast collar for 3 years now I think. Except for being dirty its like brand new. I bought all my tack off of mcdiamond ranch retailors. excellent nylon tack, and in the western world we are allowed to be as tacky as we want :)

  11. I think I hear Judy Garland
    "...Soooomewhere ooooover the rainbowww...."
    It made me laugh. Anything that makes me laugh is worth a second look, if not a purchase!

  12. YUK is the only word that springs to mind.

    Not for me but if it floats your boat, then go for it.

    Stuff of nightmares personally ...........

  13. RONMAR INDSTRIES also makes real quality nylon tack in any color you can come up with. They use metal conchos, nylon and PVC trims, leather trims, colored cording and all sorts of nice decorations. They make both English and Western Style nylon tack, even girths. I have 2 sets, black with gold and brown with gold trim for my 2 older geldings. The stuff literally lasts forever. It makes great trail and parade gear. I use the black and gold bridle with the Regency style trim with my medieval gear for shows. All 3 of my guys have fancy ROMAR nylon halters for going away or for showing them off at home.