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Monday, May 3, 2010

Saddles Available - Cheap

Hey folks, shameless sales plug here. I have a couple of saddles I am selling to buy an Aussie Stock saddle without the stupid horn, I am tired of having a bruise on my stomach from the horn when I duck under tree branches or try to help the SRF up a hill. So, here we go.

First is the current Aussie Saddle. 18" seat, medium tree, overgirth included. Stirrups, leathers, girth, breastcollar and irons NOT included. It is very used, completely sound, just has normal wear and tear. Lots of scuffs and nicks, see the pics. $100 plus $45 shipping. Still lots of miles left, no idea of the maker though, someone gave it to me. Still super comfy and useable. ON HOLD

Second is a 17" Thorowgood Maxam AP, medium tree with the "Fish" to adjust the fit as your horse gains and loses weight. This is not an interchangeable gullet and will not resize the saddle significantly. I will include the fittings pictured, the stirrups are jointed and the footpad will flex foward and back to absorb shock. It is a sharp looking saddle and very comfy, I just no longer own the horse it was purchased for. $125 plus $40 shipping.

Email Me if interested.