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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Safari Bling

Yikes, stripe overload. Do not like. Ditch the painted striped on the skirts, fenders and swells and the rhinestone conchos, and you MIGHT have an OK saddle.

You know, I almost kind of like this. Take off the rhinestones and the leopard print corner piece and its not so bad. Is it?


  1. Not a fan of the second one, even if you lost the leopard everything. Just not my taste in tack.

    Even the first on leaves a bit to be desired, but since they both look like barrel saddles, pretty much anything goes as long as it fits the horse and rider correctly.

    Ever notice how you don't see much of this stuff, if any in cutting or reining saddles? There's probably a reason for that... and it's a good thing too!

  2. I'm with CNJ. I'm not a fan of either of them. I don't like a lot of tooling on my tack, though--just a simple border around the edges is fine by me. Or nothing at all, frankly. Much easier to keep clean!

  3. I actually like both of them. I just really don't dig any other colors on my leather. So the stripes and painted tooling (is it painted or something else?) would have to go. But I like the loud, out there designed seats...I have a big butt so it'll be covered when riding. Heck, I even like the conchos. Like Katphoti, I'm not a fan of a bunch of tooling all over but I wouldn't rule out a saddle completely because of it.

  4. I like quality tooling, though I generally prefer botanical motifs to the basketweave or barbed wire stuff. I prefer curves to angles, capiche?

    I totally forgot until just this moment my ACTUAL first saddle, since I only rode in it a couple of times - it was a heavy-duty vintage number with horseheads stamped into the fenders. That was about the time I switched to hunt seat....

    I kind of like the 2-toned-ness of the 2nd saddle... replace the corner pieces with some nice silver, get rid of ALL rhinestones, put a plain suede seat on it, and it would be pretty.

    Also I do NOT like the roughout jockeys!! And I greatly prefer darker leather.

  5. Again, double J's. I love 'em (except for the zebra stripes ON the fender in the first one). The more crystals the better for me!

  6. I actually own the top saddle its a Pozzi pro, I love it and have got hundred of GOOD comments on it since I bought it in Dec. I love it!