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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Torture Device Tuesday

Wow, check out this bear trap. Geesh folks, really? WHY would you even contemplate putting this on your horse? If it needs this much hardware on its face to control it, perhaps you should reconsider this whole thing and TRAIN YOUR HORSE. *shakes head in amazement* I just do not understand how anyone can look at this and think, "Hey, that would work great on Ol' Dobbin! I am gonna get me one of those!" This looks kind of like a home made jobbie to me, I have never seen anything like this in a catalog or store.


  1. That looks like aircraft cable looped through the shanks. Yikes! I think these devices need to be tested on their creators.

  2. "I think I'll make a new bit to market"

    Lets see, chain in the mouth, gag action, long shankes and long purchase for poll pressure, and wait...humm, I think I'kk add something to go over the nose too.

    Where do people come up with things like this?

  3. Sigh.

    If you need anything more than a plain snaffle or a simple, short shanked curb (on very strong horses or if your showing association requires it) need to retrain your horse. And yourself.

    I almost never ride in a curb bit...there is one horse I ride in a kimberwick because he's second cousin to the 9:05 from the colliery to the steelworks and simply will NOT respect a snaffle. I hate using a curb, but...that particular horse just needs the power brakes.

    My favorite bit for a more difficult horse is a full cheek, which gives you extra power in an emergency stop, but ONLY in an emergency stop.

    I'm betting that thing is intended to be put on gaited horses. What is it with gaited horse people and insane bits?

  4. I am a gaited horse people and I use a French Link or at the most extreme, a short shanked, low port Dressage curb with the curb chain VERY loose (we are working on bringing our face a bit more vertical for the show ring)with a rope halter underneath with reins attached for brakes. When we get ready to show, she will go in a low port Western show bit, again with a loose curb chain. For trail riding I use the French Link and let her hold her head however she pleases.

  5. I am trying to logically and mechanically figure out how in the hell this thing actually works. I can't!

    Which means it doesn't. Not for me anyways, but then I wouldn't buy it or use it anyways, so no loss there.

    Who thinks up this crap? Oh, right. The people who spend their money on gadgets and quick fixes, rather than training and time to fix it long term...

    So which costs more?

    Simple things like snaffles, training and lessons,
    gadget after gadget in the arsenal,
    an ambulance or helicopter trip to the ER
    radiographs, and a full work up and finally being discharged hours later to go home and set about finding a new horse to ruin.

    I guess math is not their strong suit either.

  6. As if the chain mouth, gag, and long shanks wern't enough...they add more.

    "That on-ry SOB ain't stoppin no mo. I need a bit wit mo bite. BEATRICE! GO GIT ME MA WIRE CUTTERS! AND BRING ME A BEER WHILE YOU IN DA HOUSE."

    Exclaimer: No offence to any good horse owners named Beatrice. lol

  7. Look at the chain... try to straighten the links.... you can't... the chain has a twist in it... the shanks aren't twisted and we know this because of the wire.... Very scary bit, even in the best hands this would be torture

  8. I wasn't saying all gaited horse people use torture device bits.

    Every discipline has its faults, and the BAD gaited horse people go for the torture devices, and I'm trying to work out why.

    I understand why western pleasure people end up with horses that look lame. Sigh. I thought the point of a pleasure horse was a *comfortable* ride. Four beating is not comfortable. I understand why bad dressage people resort to rollkur *shudder*.

    I just don't know what the short cut the gaited people who use bits to replace training are taking leads to.

  9. This looks like the bit that the horse in one of the recent fugly posts was wearing. Poor horse.