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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Scary Pink Saddle of the Week

Gag, break out the Pepto. Oh wait, looks like they already did, and used it on this saddle. It wouldn't be bad if they had just done the seat, but the hearts all over it take it from tolerable to tasteless in no time.


  1. It MIGHT be kinda cute on a Little girl's pony. Heart overload though.

  2. GAH. I couldn't WAIT for the hearts fad to be over in the early 80s....

  3. That would look good.

    On a rocking horse.

    For a six year old girl.

  4. When I was a little girl, if I ever expressed a wish for something girlish in the tack department, my mother told me that only traditional tried and true was allowed in good horsemanship. If it wasn't in the pony club manual or the cavalry, it wasn't allowed. I see that lots of parents are more indulgent and have money to blow - which my parents did not.

  5. Anyone else notice the picture of a horse? Ewww.

  6. The horse picture is on the tag...

    Dude, hearts were EVERYWHERE in the 80s... I had a friend with a VERY nice show saddle that she'd bought from the wife of the owner of the Ponderosa Steakhouse chain. It had the her initials inlaid in silver, and HEARTS. Nice, NICE saddle, very trendy, but I was NEVER into hearts, and I sure wouldn't want someone else's initials on MY saddle!

    But my friend did AQHA shows on largish circuits, and it never seemed to bother her...

  7. Yet again another chocolate brown and pepto pink saddle. These colors still remind me of the old Baskin Robbins logo...

    I used to work at the big BR, and we had to wear pink shirts with this logo on them and brown aprons. GAG.

  8. Okay, if it didn't have the hearts on it, or maybe just one heart on the skirt I would like this saddle. I like the color combo, it would be a fun trail or maybe a gymkhana saddle.

  9. I've said it before and I'll say it again...I HATE the color pink. But I think the color combo of the darker leather and that shade of pink look good together. Once they went overboard with the cut-outs it went downhill from there.

    And there's just SOMETHING about that horn that bothers me. It just looks funny.

  10. HAHA
    And now brown/pink and brown/aqua are super fashionable!

    At least that's "real" ostrich and not pink leather with red dots painstakingly drawn on with marker.... like I saw recently....