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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Too Much

You know, I would like this if it weren't for the black horn, the black bit on the fenders, and the oversized, black underskirt. If it were a normal size and has just the black edging on it, it would not be bad at all. As is, the black alligator it a bit overdone.

Ah, that's better...
Still don't care for the oversized skirt, but I like this quite a bit as far as silver-encrusted show saddles go. I would prefer to see a bit darker oil saddle, but not bad overall.


  1. The first picture, I thought theat was a silver saddle pad and I thought to myself, "that's different, new idea, looks fancy". Now that I know it's just a huge, jahonkin saddle skirt...I don't like it so much anymore.

  2. I didn't think it was too bad at first. Then the rest of the picture came up. Not only are the black oversized skirts unappealing but how about those funky, clunky oversized rigging D's for the rear cinch? IMO- Putrid beyond imagination.

    Not so much a fan of the 'scallops' on the off side billet strap either. Or the cut out sides for close contact, the light oil, excessive silver, excessive tooling (on #2)... shall I go on?

  3. peaches111_00........That is an awesome idea. Why not make interchangeable "show" pads to go under show saddles. Then you could change looks without breaking the bank. I personally do not show. Too much work for too little time in the saddle!

  4. #1: not working for me. Not feeling the love, you know?
    #2: not my style (could it GET more opposite from a dressage saddle?) but I can see the usefulness of both gigungo skirts. Do wonders in hiding a long or swayed back. First thing I'd think of if I were a judge. What the heck are they trying to hide here? :) Blinded by bling, and covered in a tooled tarp...

  5. The second one is a bit over the top, but I wouldn't be embarassed if it ever ended up in my tack room. Paired up with a nice looking horse and a plain color saddle blanket (black, probably) it wouldn't look bad at all in my opinion.