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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Another of the "Too Hideous for Words" Saddles

I stumbled across this monstrosity on eBay last week. I have NO IDEA why anyone would use this. It looks like the bastard child of a prehistoric fish and a parade saddle. The picture will have to speak for itself.

WARNING: Have your sunglasses and brain bleach at the ready.

Heh, I bet that would be fun to climb up on after it had had the sun shining on it for awhile.
Geesh, the "scales" on the fenders aren't even on there straight. Look at how the skirts curl under too. This is a new saddle, so I would bet it is a cheap, low quality POS made out of cardboard leather. I am just awestruck by the sheer tackiness. Just, wow.


  1. *snort* I just pictured someone climbing on it after sitting in the sun! omg

    That is just BEYOND tacky.

  2. It wouldn't be too fun in the cold either. Why did I just get a mental image of some cowboy in a Christmas parade getting his "boys" stuck to the saddle like a tongue to a flag pole?

  3. OMG Paul! you just made me spit my pepsi all over!

    I can jut picture it. More so since it has been below zero here for most of the winter!

  4. You can make saddles out of coelocanths?!?!

    Does it at least protect the horse's back from Ninjas and Black Knights?

  5. LMAO at paul_the_small!

    Looks like someone needs to have their bedazzler taken away.

  6. Well.....I'll agree that it's probably a POS, it's only $289, and no shipping (which is at least another $50.....(wonder how much it weighs???)


    If it came with a matching breast collar and bridle, I would have already clicked on the *BIN*.
    It's *giggle factor* is would be FUN to play around with....and I have no *bits* to freeze to the metal.....LOL....

    Nice corona pad......

  7. Diane, it's free shipping on them. And the ad says it weighs about 33 pounds. LOL Great conversation piece. With out the horn I could almost consider it for a Medieval saddle, almost.... It almost looks like chain mail. (giggle) Then I read Paul's remark and it got mush worse.

  8. Did you see this one?!

    I about died when I saw it.

  9. lol *headdesk* forgot to add the link - here ya go saddle

  10. First many mermaids were harmed in the making of this saddle? Second thought: mermaids grow pleather scales??

  11. I always wondered what happened to people's spoon collections when they passed on.

  12. Disco Stu says he wants this saddle too.

  13. i wonder how much this piece of "quality bling" weighs...*sigh* Poor horse...