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Friday, February 6, 2009

Skyhorse Saddles, Artistry in Leather

For today’s Friday Featured I want to direct your attention to Skyhorse Custom Saddles

Lisa and Loren Skyhorse are amazing artists. They create beautiful, functional works of art in leather and silver. When I first found their site, this saddle made my jaw just drop. I had to wipe the drool off my chin. It features braided SILVER trim and a Navajo wool blanket inlaid into the seat. It has just enough tooling and silver to really set it off without being overdone.

Now, admittedly, several of the show saddles and decorative pieces are a bit too “loud” for my own personal tastes. I can still admire the artistry and skill involved in creating these one of a kind works of art. Most of them are just jaw-droppingly awesome to look at, check out this one. It is a show saddle with carved silver feather detailing. I absolutely LOVE it!

Each piece is handmade with exquisite attention to detail and masterful skill. I have never seen such unique saddles. Everything from the carving patterns to the silver castings are handmade and personalized to fit the tastes of the person commissioning it. Please take some time to explore their site, it is worth it to see truly gorgeous pieces of art created by some exceptional artists. This saddle is a beautiful piece, again just enough silver to make it pop and check out the inlaid hitched horsehair diamond in the skirt (you can see a close up on their website).

The most wonderful thing of all, is that most of these unique pieces are priced about the same or lower than many mass-produced show saddles that I have seen!
Enjoy their website and have a fabulous weekend. I will be back Monday with all new Tacky Tack for you!!


  1. Hi - Found you through Fuglyhorse! Great blog. You have indeed found some truly ugly tack!
    I especially appreciate this post where you point out some seriously cheap tack. Not only can it hurt the rider by falling apart, cheap saddles and bits can cause unnecessary pain to the horse.

    Now that you have been showcased on Fugly, be prepared to be visited by about a zillion people!

    Oh, and I posted a link on my blog as well...

  2. I have fallen in love with that black petroglyph saddle on Skyhorse!!!

    Not only are they talented artists, their work ethic must be through the roof. Bet you won't find any crooked stitching on THEIR work!!!

    Having dabbled (just dabbled) in leatherwork for several years, I find the perfection of their basketweave pattern to be pretty much faultless.
    Beautiful, just beautiful.

    LOL....I'd love to see what they could do with an english saddle.

  3. Oooh, no doubt!

    I LOVE the sidesaddle (not the one with the roses) on their sidesaddle page. I also love the conchos they do that tell a story.

    I'd like to see them do a Spanish Doma Vaquera set or a full Portugese presentation set. THAT would be stunning!

  4. Yeah!! You did Skyhorse. I first found their saddles online when a friend was thinking of getting a custom saddle made. Then I saw one of their saddles at a saddle show last summer and IT WAS JUST INCREDIBLE!!!

    These are definatly beautiful, sitting on a carved wood rack, in the living room, works of art.

  5. Wow, very, very good work. Incroyable! I would definitely be interested in getting a saddle done by them. The craftsmanship is superb and tooling is where it is at!

  6. If you're going to promote business for a saddle maker then you should open it up to all. Would these compare to "Blue Ribbon", a "Dale Chavez", "Champion", or "Kathys" saddle....No.

  7. I think these have got to be some of the prettiest Western saddles I've ever seen. Very tastefully done. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I think this might need a feature here:

    Always good to have a camo saddle when riding on a deer-like animal during hunting season...helps you blend in all the more.

  9. roanhorse,
    Why do you insist on being a troll? Do you get some kind of perverse pleasure picking on people online? Or is it that you're such a loser in real life that you have to use the "innernet" (I know that those big three syllable words are hard for you to pronounce) to pick on people with an IQ that is higher than your room temperature one? Or is it that you are so misogynistic (that means you hate women, probably because you can’t get laid) that you can’t stand for a woman to have a strong opinion?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  10. P.S. you should all check out roanhorse's blog. Click on his name at the top of his post and follow the link. It's quite funny.

  11. Paul baby, bite me. Now, spell "Troll".

  12. Paul baby....a red neck band leader...stick to your nylon headstalls and saddles and your trailer park and corn likker... no doubt there is a place in the show pen for you....yup, getting the gate....

  13. "Paul the small" as in small appurtenances???? LMAO.

  14. Oooooo k. Anyway... Those are such awesome saddles! I'd love that feather saddle.

    I was thinking (uh huh) that even though I get all worshipful over ubercorrect and understated elegance.... I've got to say that if its quality like skyhorse, who cares if it's "in" or not.

    Plus I have my own Victorian steampunk fetish, which translates to buckaroo for Western. Skyhorse... If I ever win the lotto......

  15. The only thing I found a little crazy...
    "The most wonderful thing of all, is that most of these unique pieces are priced about the same or lower than many mass-produced show saddles that I have seen!"

    These things are 6,000 and UP. What show saddles were you looking at? lol They are VERY nice, and also... VERY EXPENSIVE!

  16. Hey girl, good work & keep it up despite the 'roanhorses' of the world.

    Found you through Fugly, added you to my blogroll. I hope you'll visit my page and consider putting VSL on your blogroll too.


  17. Most of the high end saddles (Chavez, Silver Mesa, etc) start at $8000. In fact, the Silver Mesa ones used to average at about $10000. You can get a one of a kind, custom made for you and your horse for the same or less. I think that is pretty neat.

  18. That first one makes me wish I rode western.

  19. If I had the money, I'd get one custom-made for my husband with hawks on it. Birds of prey are his thing, and his horse's name is Red Hawk.

    Great find!

  20. If I ever won the lottery, and if I ever went Western, I'd have one done with intertwining Celtic animals tooling, with Celtic knotwork silver.

    Yep. I know. I know. But.... I would make it be TASTEFUL.

  21. (OK so I had to google Celtic Saddle, and found this, which is a very neat step-by-step photo essay: )

  22. Yeah, and you can get a nice billy cook or a reinsman--something good quality but not outrageous--for around 3,000. I'd take my savings and get something more practical!

    Y'know, unless I was rich, and then I'd have the best-of-the-best. Hehe

  23. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


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