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Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday Feature – The Baroque Horse Store

To start off, let me tell you why I like this store’s items so much.

I am a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism (henceforth referred to as the SCA). We re-create the middle ages with all the uncomfortable bits (like not bathing and no indoor plumbing) left out. It is not a Ren Faire, or a Fantasy Faire, rather we strive to be as accurate as possible for our individual persona’s time period. It is sort of like the Civil War reenactor folks, we just cover a much broader time period and geographic area. You can find more information, local groups and links at the main Society page.

My hubby on one of our mares at an SCA event.
Before anyone starts yelling about rider size, I know he is a big guy, but that mare actually prefers him over other people. She has no trouble at all carrying him, even at speed and has never shown any ill effects.

I am involved in the Equestrian part of the SCA in our Kingdom. It is nearly impossible to find modern tack that is period-looking and most folks make their own. However, I have found one place, that if you are willing to fork over the cash, has some REALLY cool pseudo-period tack. It is the Baroque Horse Store. They mainly specialize in imported folk tack from central Europe. They also carry Spanish and Portuguese tack and saddles. My favorite is the Hungarian Heritage Bridle. There is also a matching breastcollar. They are really neat, but very pricey. I can't show pictures, as they are protected on their site. I did find a photo of a similar one.

I also like the Portuguese presentation sets like these.

So, if you have some time to kill, check out their site, they have some very unique things. If you see something you can’t live without, try Googling it, you might can find it at a more reasonable price. I know a couple of eBay sellers offer Spanish tack at a very reasonable price, though I can't vouch for the quality.


  1. I am also into the Medieval but through the Medieval Horse Guild. We aren't as structured as the SCA an are affiliated, although very loosely, to the Marklanders. You are right. I made all my own tack. I have a black breeching and breast collar that I made with chevrons hanging off it. I want to make a set of brown now for my current horse.

    I found a brown and brass Spanish style bridle on EBAY recently for well under $50. Yes, it's either Indian or Pakistani but the quality isn't bad. I really didn't mind that it isn't top line, it will only be used 3 or 4 times a year. And I can repair what is needed. And mostly it fits Amos, my Morgan, perfectly. A good coat of oil softened it up nicely.

    I love the stuff on the site you posted. But I have a really hard time parting with $250 for a bridle I will only use a couple times a year. One of the girls in our Guild has the Hungarian Heritage Bridle and Breast Collar set. It is amazing. It set her back at least a 2 month supply of hay. I'll make do with the cheap imitations as long as they fit properly.

    You can check out the Medieval Horse Guild at:

    On the album page I am the one in black and gold on a black horse. Second row, first picture. Any one is welcome to join the discussion list. And if you are close enough to any event, you are always welcome to bring a horse and join the fun.

    By the way, I enjoy this blog. Thank you for starting it. It's a lot of fun.

  2. Ladypr, I KNEW I'd find you here.....LOL....

    Isn't that tack just drop dead gorgeous?!?!?! I'm going to marry a VERY rich man in my next life.....hehehe

    Oh, the ideas floating through my little sequin brain......with a little modifying, they wouldn't overpower a bright red TWH head.....

    Yes, I also enjoy this blog.....

  3. Excellent Friday Feature! I have been drooling over the tack at the Baroque Horse Store for over a year now. I plan to buy in a couple of years--I just hope they're still around.

    Yay Diane I, you have a TWH! Me too! My husband also has a chestnut TWH. He's 17 hands and I plan to outfit him with a costume at some point to surprise my husband. He's more of a copper color, though. I find that dark brown oil tack looks great on him, although my husband likes the pecan-type colors. We use green and brown as "his" colors for his saddle blankets/pads, halters and wraps. I do find that navy also looks striking on him, and really, black isn't bad as far as the leather color. Don't know if that helps give you ideas or not! :)

    I am breeding my gigantic TWH mare to a Percheron stallion to get my dream horse: a spotted gaited draft cross. This is the foal I'm going to keep for life and I plan to outfit it in costumes from the Baroque Store! I just have no idea what size it'll be--otherwise I'd start buying as the money comes long!

    For the Tennessee Walking Horse
    When the Painted Horse Comes
    The Murder of the English Language

  4. Thanks for the info on the guild you're in, Ladypr. I will certainly check out eBay and do some google searches! Hope to see you guys in AZ at some point!

  5. Hi, kat.....
    Lucy is a 15hh girly-girl TWH.....LOL....we are going through a pink and yellow tack phase right now....but she looks GREAT in hunter green, too.
    And silver. Silver shows up on her very nicely.

    The hardest time I had finding her was finding a TWH no taller than 15hh.....LOL....I don't mind playing with a tall horse, just don't want to live with one. I'm too old.....and lazy.....and I don't bounce like I used to.

  6. Diane I. has the largest tack collection you ever want to see. She has me beat on the ratio of bridles to horses. LOL And they are all fancy with fancy bits. And saddles with matching accessories. And silver on almost every piece. :) We don't call her the "Sequin Queen" for nothing!

  7. Heh... Lucerne here. Horses and muskets probably wouldn't mix well!


  8. Somebody had one of those Hungarian bridles at Breyerfest a couple of years ago. Pretty darn amazing, and not something I'd even *try* to do in scale.

    No horse-y people up this a-way in the SCA. Or I'd break down and join...

  9. That tack is beautiful, my 'lil Andalusian would look pretty snazzy, but talk about pricey. Well worth it I'm sure!

  10. Pat said...

    No horse-y people up this a-way in the SCA. Or I'd break down and join...

    You can always join and get it started. I would bet that if you did you would be surprised at the people who would be interested in doing Equestrian.

  11. "We re-create the middle ages with all the uncomfortable bits ... left out."

    I took that literally - they didn't use eggbutt snaffles in the Middle Ages.

    ; )

    No SCA around here that I know of. Of course, for all my almost-medieval-studies-certificate coursework in college, I'd probably still be a "MORE MEAD" variety of reenactor instead of a period zealot....

    That is some GORGEOUS tack!!!!!

  12. (The period eyewear is quite nice, btw.)

  13. Yeah, well it is an ANACHRONISM after all. They are "Sunni" glasses. LOL. It was bright, we make allowances.

  14. cattypex said...
    "We re-create the middle ages with all the uncomfortable bits ... left out."

    I took that literally - they didn't use eggbutt snaffles in the Middle Ages.

    Nope, they used things that were FAR more barbaric. Look at some period bits sometime, it will give you chills.

  15. That sounds fun! I don't think I could live without plumbing but everything else sounds really cool!

    About rider/horse size... My mare who is 14.2 can carry a large rider for longer and faster than my gelding who is 15.2 It is all about what your individual horse is comfortable with.

  16. Now I'm curious; you wouldn't happen to know of any good saddlers who do reproduction Medieval saddles, do you? I got to wondering about that as I was watching Prince Caspian the other day; they have some handsome saddles in that movie and I poked around a bit but couldn't find out who fashioned them, so now I am just sniffing around in general trying to figure out if anyone out there makes good quality medieval saddles.

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  18. Hello, I am sole owner and operator of the Baroque Horse Store. I wanted to thank you for your praise of my wares. I grow up traveling from renaissance faire to renaissance faire and was always interested in world tack. Very slowly and after much savings I am proud to be able to offer such high quality unique tack from around the world to the world. Much of the more expensive pieces are individually hand crafted. My business is entirely run out of pocket, and so I often don’t have many of some pieces in stock but in this day and age I understand that purchasing a piece for hundreds of dollars is hard for people. So because of your compliments I would like to say that if anyone that is a follower of “tacky tack of the day” and says so I will give you a 2% discount on any purchase over $100.00 until the end of July 2009 All my best, Melissa

  19. Hello I'm embarrassed to say but I pushed the wrong number on my key pad I wanted to offer you a 5% discount on any order over $100. the only exclusion being "special order only " items. Again thank you Melissa
    <\ /> Baroque Horse Store
    " Dare to be Different"
    Traditional World Heritage Tack
    & Friesian Specialty items

  20. After searching for *years* for historic-inspired tack that matched my tastes, I finally, today, found these sites through a long hunt that included Bent Branderup's saddle designs. They're just as expensive as tack from the Baroque Horse Store, but they're also drop-dead gorgeous, and tree-less to boot!

    I know this thread is fairly old, but I just had to share my find. :D