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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Razzle Dazzle

Ok some kind reader posted this link in the comments section. I checked it out and could not really pick just one or two things to post about. This place takes the cake when it comes to "loud" tack. Check out Razzle Tack if you get a chance. Proper protective eyewear is highly recommended. They do custom painted, tooled, and crystal-ized tack. The work is definitely quality, just not my cup of tea. I have posted a trio of photos as a "teaser" (or forewarning, whichever) for you to enjoy.

You know, I might look into having them do a bridle/breastcollar set in my SCA colors with my device on it, or with Arabic script or something. That would be WAY cool. Just no sparklies for me thanks.


  1. Wow... SOOOOOO not my thing!

    I'm off to stick my poor eyes in ice water. ;)

  2. I think they have some good design ideas, but it is way overdone.

  3. Are those naked chicks? Someone tell me those aren't naked chicks.

  4. Some of that stuff is really pretty....nicely done.....good sparkle power.....

    But (there's always a but):

    I don't care what kind of glue they say they CANNOT glue rhinestones to leather and expect it to hold. Leather flexes/expands/contracts, and the first bond to break is the foil back. I noticed on some of their painted tack the rhinestones don't appear to have a setting (flower centers?). You will never be able to oil that leather.......

    The other grumble I have is the color combinations. What's wrong with a concho or buckle with just one color of stone????

    I spent a small fortune buying from these people at the World Barrel Competition in GA. a couple years ago.

    I even bought enough of the small conchos set with one stone to replace all the buttons on my favorite denim jacket.
    They also have the little metal loops that you can screw into any concho and turn it into a scarf slide or a bridle rosette.

    But yeah, that painted stuff is pretty.
    Swarovski rules.

    HHmmmm......some sapphire conchos would be dynamite on that gray saddle.......

  5. That last blue one is just BLINDING!!!!

  6. I may be old fashioned, but I think simple is best. Sure its neat to look at, but really...I cant see myself riding with one of those, I would be "omg i think i lost a jewel thing!"

  7. Gotta say I love that painted tack. just concerned how long the paint will last with daily wear. I can soooo see some of that pink camo on my bay NSH mare. She is a definate girly girl :-)

  8. While some of the stuff is fun, leather tack should be elegant and understated - neither too blah nor too blingy. My opinion only - sorry

  9. YAY! I linked this!

    actually if you e6000 glue (and glue within 70-80 degrees or so temperature in the room) the swarovskis will stick. I've chipped stones before they even think about falling off. They stick very well.

    I like the tack from before I like this stuff. But I really like the razzle tack bronc halters. Those are really cute. and I like only some of the painted tack, like the tooled flower tack with some paint and crystals.

    And no they're not naked chicks, they're "buckle bunnies." LOL. :D

  10. I have a friend that Vegas set would be perfect for. :) The last set just looks TOO much like "Hey, I've got a bunch of little stones and some glue...let's get it on!". I like bling better when it doesn't look like someone just grabbed a dozen cell phone bling kits.

  11. My antibling stance has eroded a bit after actually seeing pix of horses wearing it. Like my orange bedroom walls looking GREAT one the furniture was in, I saw some gaudy tack look nice on some barrel horses in Horse Illustrated... But the nekked chicks????

    Maybe for Larry Flint's therapy horse.....

  12. Much of it is a bit overdone for my tastes, but this

    is really pretty.

  13. I know I'm a bit late to the conversation, but I hae to say that I really do like the painted floral tack for the Western show ring. WP, barrels, reining, whatever. It would look pretty on a WP TWH! She's a very good painter.

  14. BTW, KuKuKaChew (AWESOME handle!) is right: e6000 is the best glue ever. I used to do beadwork, and it is my glue of choice for all my crafts. You can get it anywhere--Michael's, Wal-Mart, Home Depot, etc. It's usually in the crafts or home improvement sections. It stands up wonderfully in the heat out here in AZ. But I do find that if the dye in the leather is really glossy, the glue doesn't take as well as it could. So you have to buff it down or sand it a bit to get down to the actual leather itself.

    For the Tennessee Walking Horse
    When the Painted Horse Comes
    The Murder of the English Language

  15. the headstall and brestcollar are cute

  16. ...Dont be haters...theres room in this world for everbodys likes and dislikes... come on...really?