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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Today we have a rather dreary saddle to look at. The ENTIRE thing is gray. I am not sure HOW or WHY it is gray, but it is. I have never seen a saddle this color and have no idea why anyone would want one. It looks like it might be a well made saddle and though it is listed as used, it looks new. It is just really, really odd. Can you imagine this thing on a gray horse, with a black saddle blanket and a gray bridle? It would look like a black and white movie. Yuck.


  1. I actually thought at first glance it was a black and white photo. YUK on the gray!!

  2. Who would want this? UCK!

    Can't decide if I LOVE this or HATE it:

  3. Do you have a 3 legged lame horse, blind in one eye......but he's GREY????
    I'm probably your buyer. I am horribly impaired when it comes to looking at a grey horse with any modicum of objectivity.

    Where is this saddle??? I LOVE it!!!!
    Needs a bit of silver......but with an emerald or sapphire blanket, it would be BEE-YOO-TI-FUL!!!
    I even have the Davis glitter boots in silver that would match.

  4. Where do you find all this craptastic stuff! I cannot picture this looking good on any colour horse even with a bright pad. Just all around dull

  5. eBay, TackTrader, random searches, Craigslist, reader submissions, really just about anywhere.

  6. Drillrider, that saddle is just.. Way over the top. Looks like it belongs on a barbie horse. I've seen some star saddles that look better than this.

    I'm a tacky-tack lover (in the sense of I like color and bling and gaudy stuff) and this is my dream saddle:

    But with a black suede seat. And knowing me I'd probably coat every one of those conchos with swarovskis. And the stirrups.

    This is a total abomination:

    I mean seriously! That thing is UGLY.

    Gaudy and beautiful breast collars and headstalls:

  7. I've seen two other grey saddles in my lifetime. One would be about 25 years ago at a huge QH show and being sold by a tack shop out of Quebec (horse show was in Toronto, Canada) At that time I thought it was the most ugly thing I've ever seen and it looked like it was made out of cardboard. The other grey saddle I saw in a tack shop about 5 years ago, still looked ugly but it did have a black suede seat and some darker stitching on the skirts. Eech! I'm not that fond of grey.

  8. KuKuKaChew: A BARBIE horse....That would be PERFECT! I think that saddle has to be for the person that must need attention. Not what I would choose. I have always been of the philosophy of "less is more". I give the saddle maker credit for being outside the box in design, that's for sure!

    Your dream saddle is nice, but too ornate for my taste.

  9. I know! I know! It's NYC loft camo saddle! With the gray and the diamond pattern you could hide the horse in your loft next to your Ikea bed with the gray duvet cover and mauve throw pillows. Get you right past the condo board's no pets rule!

  10. Here are my little internet gems:

    A polo saddle in mid-life crisis attempting to look like a western saddle:

    A cammo saddle (that is also gray):

    This one is kind of badass, but still fugly at the same time:

    And finally, you NEED to see these gloried bareback pads. This one actually looks like a saddle, but don't treeless saddles and bareback pads slip when the rider put too much weight in one stirrup?

  11. Drill: Yeah I'm more for quality than before anything else. The saddle I was wanting before I found that one was a billy cook and it didn't have hardly any silver on it. I like the tex tan because of the tooling. I love tooling. They made one very similar to the saddle I want, minus the conchos, and I liked it more. Unfortunately it's discontinued due to the building with the plans or patents or something burned down and they lost its "directions."

    A new fad in barrel racing are saddles with colored seats and I think that is just too gaudy. If I had the money I'd actually want something like this :

    The silver on that is very minimal but I looooove the tooling.

    the billy cook I liked was one like this but it had some oak leaf tooling instead of the basketweave. it was at my local tack shop. I liked the huge rawhide part on the cantle.



  12. Patricia:

    OMG. That saddle makes me want to buy a mongolian horse and run down a mountain with a scimitar over my head screaming AYE-AYE-AYE-AYE-AYE!

    Can we say Mulan?

    Hahahah I am so comment spamming.

    Treeless saddles usually go hand-in-hand with parelli buffs. Go figure. I can guarantee you wont see either of those in top shows. hahhhhahahahhh.

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  14. wow that really is something! Would look so fantastically disgusting on a bright chestnut!

  15. Patricia said: "A polo saddle in mid-life crisis attempting to look like a western saddle:"

    Um, obviously you don't know anything about polo. It's pretty normal to have a suede seat on a polo saddle. Maybe not such a dark contrast, but perfectly normal.

  16. Hmmmm... wouldn't be my first choice, but if it fit and was good quality, I'd take it any day over one of those pink monstrosities! ;)

  17. KuKuKaChew: This is the type of saddle I prefer:

    I enjoy lots of trail riding and may try my hand at endurance, but even if not, would enjoy the comfort of an endurance saddle for trails.

  18. Drill:

    Oh. Saddles like that are like the comfiest saddles ever! My friend had a tucker kinda like that and it was like a couch! So soft.

    I trail ride, but it's occasional and usually in a barrel saddle. D:

    But I'm mostly in an arena.

  19. The first saddle I ever bought was an "all purpose" (borderline dressage) saddle that was black and grey, about this shade. I loved it.

  20. Drillrider.... that BIG Star saddle!!!

    If you had a HUGE sorrell or red dun, very "manly" stallion, that saddle would look STUNNING on it.

    BUT... like cat-eye glasses or pinstripe suits, not everybody can pull it off.

    I like that cute little barrel saddle with the scalloped skirt & conchos, only... no blue ostrich on my saddle, PLEEEEEZ.

    That gray saddle is just UCKY.