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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Saddle Built for Two

Today I want to show you guys one of the most bizarre saddles I have ever seen. It doesn't really fall into the category of "tacky" per se, but is certainly strange. First off, let me say I am not a big fan of folks riding double. It can put a lot of pressure and impact on a horse's kidney area and some horses are VERY particular about this. I also worry that small children are not able to adequately hold on should the horse act up. In my opinion, if you want your child to ride, put them on a reliable old packer or reliable pony and put the animal on a lead rein. If the child is unable to stay on in the saddle alone, perhaps you should reconsider the decision to let them start riding. If you must have your child riding behind you on your horse, please use one of the detachable buddy pads made specifically for this purpose, and put a helmet on them. PLEASE do not do this...

It looks like these folks were trying to make their own version of this saddle. And no, the kids were not wearing helmets either.

Now, I really don't understand the need for a saddle made specifically for two people. They make small "rumble seats" that attach behind an adults saddle and are removeable after the child starts riding alone. This saddle could only be used for a short amount of time in a child's life. And really, would you use one? They are funky looking to me, and somehow make me sort of uneasy. There is a little voice screaming, "Bad idea! Run away!" in my head. Unless your horse is one of those mile-long ones that look like a Daschund, this would never fit comfortably.


  1. I looked up "tacky" on an online dictionary ( and it came up with "crass; cheaply vulgar; tasteless; crude". In my opinion, the double saddle definitely qualifies.

  2. Oh dear.....while I have 2 nice mares here, who will go quite pleasantly for you.....

    I don't think either one of them would tolerate that monstrosity.....
    That CAN'T be good for their back.....

    I wonder if that is made on one very long solid tree.....or is it two trees that have been Frankensteined together????

  3. Do people just not like their children? Maybe there should be a kid slaughter house where they send the unwanted ones, like they do with horses! SICK I know, but makes the point. These are the same poeple at over breed,leave rusted cars in the pasture fields, and follow parelli.

  4. There have been a few horses over at FHOTD that this monstrosity would fit quite nicely on ;-P
    Not right for horse or child.

  5. H said...

    "Do people just not like their children?"

    Oh my, I laughed so hard over that. And the funniest thing is, it's a valid question...

  6. not to mention the stirrups on the rumble seat are not even in the correct spot. Look at the top pick, that kids feet are way infront of them.

    When I was a kid me and my friend rode my arab double all the time. Of course we were both alot smaller then....Several years ago my sis and I tried tandum bareback on my half arab gelding whom does rather have a 'family" back...he let us know on no uncertain terms was he going to let us do that. He did a little hump/buck and we decided that that probly wouldnt be a good idea LOL

  7. It seems like there are far cheaper ways to kill your kid. Throwing a ball across 8 lanes of traffic and sending them after it is either free, or at most $1.99 if you have to buy a ball.

  8. There was some ignoramus with her kid behind her on the back of the saddle (a regular saddle) ponying a young mule at one of the shows.
    Baby mule got loose and the kid nearly took a dive. (no helmet)
    If you don't like kids, don't have any!!

    I think it would be cruel on a long-backed horse anyway since they tend to go swaybacked sooner due to weaker loins.

  9. I use a buddy seat for my daughter to ride with me. She is not big enough for her own horse, but she will ride behind my saddle on the buddy seat all day long. If you havnt seen a buddy seat look it up. It is foamy with no tree, so there is no pressure on my horse's back besides my daughters weight. It also is not this long. Having my daughter behind me is the same as having saddle bags on. And we've never had a problem. My horse has not acted up and my daughter has been fine.

    But no i would not use a saddle like either of them pictured. The leather saddles would be more weight on her than my skinny daughter. And the pressure from them being on a tree that far back. Thats crazy.

  10. Those poor horses' backs. ouch!

  11. My horses love carrying parent and child. I just use a good bareback pad with a nice hold in front. I think it is a perfect way for a first ride as early as 3 months. I think I could design a nice saddle for that purpose, with the child in front. So they can see and learn to reign. Horse shepherd paul r