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Monday, February 9, 2009

Dude, where’s my saddle?

Welcome, it’s Monday, and as promised I am back with more Tack!!

Today I present a perplexing problem, a camouflage saddle! Picture this if you will…

Bubba has finally fulfilled his dream, an elk hunting trip in the Rockies. They were to ride horses in to the mountains and camp for 3 days while hunting. In his excitement, he purchases a new saddle. It is the coolest thing he has ever seen. The entire thing is CAMO! They arrive at the lodge, it is early fall. As they saddle up the horses to head out the guide keeps looking at Bubba’s saddle with a strange expression, Bubba thinks he’s jealous of his cool new saddle. That night, they arrive in the base camp after dark, Bubba has been imbibing a bit in the whiskey in his hip flask. As he stumbles around unsaddling his patient mount, he leans his saddle against the base of a tree and stumbles to the camp to pass out. Being fall, overnight a brisk breeze causes a huge amount of leaves to fall. The next morning, nursing an aching head, he goes to saddle his horse, only to discover that his saddle is GONE!! He can’t find it anywhere! The guide politely suggests that perhaps a camouflage saddle might not have been the best idea.

I have for your entertainment not one but two camouflage saddles!

This first one is not terrible. It only has the camo on the seat, latigo keeper, and stirrup hobbles, most of it easily obscured by the rider’s body. It even has some little silver embellishments. You would stand very little chance of losing it in the woods if you were camping. I am not sure WHY you would want this, but I really don’t like camo. Guess I am not THAT much of a tomboy.

Next we have the real focus of this post. This saddle appears to be quite well made and seems to be of good quality. The only issue I have is that the ENTIRE THING is camouflage! I have no idea how they got it like this. Is it some kind of screen printing? It really makes no sense to me to have it other than the potential “Dude, check out my saddle, it’s Realtree!” In my opinion, if you are riding in the woods, you would want to be MORE visible, not less. And really, having a camo saddle is not going to help you hide from the critters, the horse isn’t camouflage.

Look! It even comes with a matching breastcollar!!

Impressive, no? When I found it all I could was just stare, and recheck the page to make sure it was for real.


  1. oh wow ...

    Methinks you need a monthly award to give out for the worst of the tacky... cause this one would surely get it!

    I can't even think of what color of horse you would want to put that on...

    Would it make the horse dissappear into the woods too????

    Gawsh thats just ... yuck.

  2. I can say it looks pretty good on my bay horse...My hubby LOVES anything camo so when I came across a camo saddle I had to get it for him. Ours is nylon and is a Big horn so has a real name....Its comfy and my horse likes it. And of course it came with a matching breastcollar,pad and girth. Sadly it doesnt' fit hubbies horse so I use it but he does use the breastcollar,girth and pad.

    Oh and he doesn't take it hunting, he just trail rides.

  3. The bottom one looks like leather to me. I don't know how they did that.

  4. Well, it is--ah, ahem, errr--interesting?

  5. The camo saddles I've seen are all cordura overlay.....some more nicely done than others.

    While camo isn't my thing....I'd go with green before I'd do the pink *camo*....EEEK.....

    A saddle done in the Snow Shadow pattern might tempt me.....

  6. Hey Girl, I've added your site to my bloglist, hope that's okay by you.

    I agree with Beth, an award would be really cool! Plus, someone like me would actually proudly display an award for my tackiness. ;-)

    Don't love the camo, but I have to admit that my favourite saddle is a synthetic. But of my 4 saddles, it is the easiest to handle for this old bag (very lightweight) & it's super comfortable to ride.

    It's black with burgundy skirts; you'd probably hate it. And yes, I bought it for a specific mare (Angel) and it matches her blankets. (Even worse? Matchy tacky!)

    And the confession doesn't end there... (I might as well spill it all & ask for penance):

    Angel ALSO wears a black breastband/bridle & reins set with SILVER HEART CONCHO details.

    There, it's all out in the open now.
    Forgive me....


  7. What a lovely description! I can almost smell the moonshine and chewing tobacco.

    (Which begs the question, what does moonshine smell like?)

  8. Actually, moonshine dosen't have much of a smell, and tastes a bit like Ethanol.

  9. The first ones not that bad if you just imagine the seat to be a pastel green and didn't look hard at the camo but that second one... Why?! Just why, would you want a completely camo saddle?

  10. I want one that is similar to the first one. It has a square skirt and only the seat is done in camo. It's a barrel saddle. And it looks awesome on my bay. Just had the wrong size bars. He needs full not semi-qh bars :( But the saddle would only come out at a rodeo since I use older tack for practice at home.

    And the second saddle ... well ... it's just eww!

    Oh and as far as I know ... I don't belive moonshine has a harsh smell but it does have a god awufl taste! (but it may all depend on who makes it)

  11. So where's the saddle? Oh wait, what was I thinking: it's camouflaged! Okay, bad joke....

    Um, yikes. Perhaps that is a screen print overlay on the leather...?

  12. WHOA. That is a FUGLY saddle!!

    Though like the poster above, if it would get my husband excited about riding, I'd buy it. ; )

    I'm a Leather Snob, though, so even if it had the Bayeux Tapestries on it, I would still hate it.

    Miss Manners once said something like "A house in which everything is in perfect taste - is in SHOCKING taste."

  13. That second saddle is beyond tacky, it's TERRIBLE. I can't even imagine how stupid that would look on a horse. If I got a saddle like that free, though, I'd be really tempted to dress my horse up in greasepaint, photograph him in it, and photoshop him and a few props onto a desert background. ;o)

  14. By the way, I just recently started following your blog (thanks to Fugly) and I love it. Check out the friendship award I gave you. I hope my readers like your blog as much as I do. :o)

  15. Katharine Swan said...
    By the way, I just recently started following your blog (thanks to Fugly) and I love it. Check out the friendship award I gave you. I hope my readers like your blog as much as I do. :o

    Wow! Thank you!!

  16. bahahaha this post makes me laugh. Who in gods name would buy such an awful thing? Camo is NOT my thing. My dad tried to get my into hunting but i hated wearing the camo stuff so I never became a hunter. Everyone else did though. I mean sure Ill walk in the woods, my wardrode is mostly black and dark colors, but i refuse to wear camo. And if this was an english saddle. BAhAHA imagine the awkwardness of it. im stil chuckling.

  17. So I don't see a problem with the camo saddles if you are a hunter! The first saddle even had hunter orange on it. Obviously its meant for hunting not for style. Yes, its ugly no doubt. But hunting also isn't a fashion show!

  18. I love the first saddle! How much is it?!

  19. My dad says if I get a horse while I'm under his roof, then I have to train the horse to be used to gun noises, teach HIM how to ride, and probly go with him so he can take it hunting with him.

  20. Personally I would love to know where you found this saddle! I don't find it tacky at all. I hunt. I love camo! And I just got a barrel horse and am looking for a barrel saddle!

  21. Where did they get the second saddle from I want one. Really I do and I have been looking but have not found one yet

  22. Where did they get the second saddle from I want one. Really I do and I have been looking but have not found one yet

  23. where can I buy a saddle like this???

  24. I don't care what they say I LOVE camo and I've been look for a camo saddle.