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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Custom Torture Devices

I did a Google search for Walking Horse Bit and came across this site. It is a custom bit company called Grissom Bits. They say they can reproduce antique or off-the-market bits for you. They also have their own designs for sale. They also do custom spurs in case the ones you can buy off the shelf are not pointy enough. Their website looks like a shopping outlet for a Medieval torturer. WHY on earth would you need something like this?

It is even available with different mouthpieces, they have options like "swing chain" seen here.

Yes, you are seeing right, that is a chunk of the kind of chain used on swings.

Here are a set of the spurs, nice pointy rowels for that lazy horse.

I just cannot believe the things people will use to torture their animals. How can they sleep at night?


  1. My god is that site scary. Makes me wonder what kind of people would make something like that, let alone USE IT!!

  2. Oh now come on it's it pretty... (gritting teeth)what kind fo moron actually thinks that is a nice looking bit??? On a whim I checked out thier website and my oh my they are obsessed with chain mouthpieces! I use two bits and two bits only a loose ring snaffle and a tender touch bit. Here is the exact same loose ring I use and now the tender touch The tender touch gets used on one horse and one horse only, everything else gets the snaffle. The one horse who rides in the TT does so b/c thats what his owners orginally trained him in and he runs well in it. If we are not at a show, he gets ridden in the snaffle... ugh why the need for harsh bits????

  3. Grissom bits? A more apt name might be Gruesome Bits. Ahhhhhhhhhhh....

  4. DA-YUMN. I know I stood up for the spade bit artistes the other day, but THIS crap??!?!?!??!!

  5. WOW, just WOW,
    Gruesome Bits is appropriate

  6. Egads!!! I think my retina's are burning. I cannot believe that.

    I rode in our 4th of July parade and let me tell you, if you want to see some scary stuff, go to a parade!! I had to move to the front of the line before I got in a fight.

  7. If they stuck them where the sun didn't shine, they may have second thoughts about using them on their poor horses.

  8. OMG...some of those bits have a 12" shank for 'added leverage'...what horse needs a foot of cranking for ANYTHING. TWH must be saints, I know my mutts, appys and QHs would leverage me right off if I used anything close to that.

    Also what is a 'Reigning Bit'? Does the horse rule over anything, or is it to imply that the horse must be submissive to the rider/torturer. AAAK...why can't asshats learn to spell.

  9. WTF


    Bits like that need to be banned (I mean I am working towards all bits but thats another dream in itself) just like the bearing rein in black beauty. They banned people from having the check so tight that it hurt the horses back and neck but they don't care about the horses mouth, it's most sensitive part of it's body. I have looked into many a horses mouth for bitting and bitless clinics and I can't count the number of horses tongues that have been cut or scarred by a simple single jointed bit, imagine what these do.