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Monday, July 20, 2009


Here are two saddles I found in links sent by readers. The first is fairly obnoxious, but not in nearly as poor taste as the second. Honestly folks, while the saddle itself is not TOO offensive overall, the motif is, shall we say, not very socially acceptable. I am from the South, and it makes me mildly uncomfortable.


  1. That second one gets my bile up too. I live in Georgia and hear the rhetoric - it's history not hate. The stars and bars has been around for a long time but it has been hijacked. The flag they are so dedicated to was adopted in 1956 as a symbol against the civil rights movement.

  2. Good luck getting Joe Redneck to believe that his precious rebel flag is offensive!

    Gah. Symbols are symbols because they MEAN something. You should pay attention to what you're saying with them. I just had to rotate & re-crop a photo for a brochure that will be seen by a lot of Middle Eastern kids because it showed the bottom of a shoe, apparently a big rude no-no in that culture.

    Hey, we have issues with boobs in our culture, but they're intrinsically no more icky than feet....

    That first saddle? Well... Texas is another planet anyway.

  3. At least with the first one, once you are sitting in the saddle the worst of it will be covered up.

  4. What is with all of the different colors of leather? That right there is enough to make me pass on by or stop in shock and horror.

    At least the second saddle is less offensive in the color scheme category, AND you can cover up the flag pretty easily with something else if need be.

  5. BARF.

    With the second saddle, it's like they might as well have put a sticker on the leather, the little cutout for the flag looks so bad. And it might as well be a KKK symbol for all the respect it'll garner.

  6. K, I'll admit it. I'd ride the first saddle. The more I look at it I kinda like it. I don't care for the red stuff everywhere but I do like the seat. Us Texans are kinda strange that way. haha

    I don't care for the second one because it looks bad. I do think people should have the right to fly the stars and bars if they so choose. I see it as redneck thing, not opression or a reminder of slavery. But that could be the NASCAR in me talking.

  7. I can see them on opposite sides of a civil war...

  8. you know....

    the first saddle...
    is actually really pretty. it's loud, yeah, but it's well balanced, not blingy, the leather GOES TOGETHER and it's fun. i can totally see a texas drill team riding a set of those saddles. pair it up with red or blue smb's and it'd be quite snazzy.