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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Updated Baby Pictures!

I know there are a couple of TWH folks that read this blog. What do you think of this little guy? I know it is difficult to tell EXACTLY what he will be like when he is grown, but I would like some opinions of him at this point. He is about one and a half months old at the moment. His name, pending registration, is Threat's Screamin' Eagle, though he still doesn't have a "barn name" yet.


  1. Overall, not bad. I can't tell from his pose if his neck is short or his throatlatch thick (it may be because he's got his head up and back, or hairy chin). Like the slope of his shoulder, and his hip looks nice

  2. hee hee looks like he's striking a Big Boy pose!! :)

  3. He's pretty. What color is he going to be?

  4. I am trying to get this little girl rescued from her owner. I am to far away but since I notice you sometimes put WTF training posts on here thought it would be worth a shot.

  5. He's a cutie. You can never tell conformation on young walkers. They are always gangly and awkward. I have to say your little guy isnt weird looking as most though. He looks sturdy instead of the spindly legs and huge ears lol. What is his lineage? Im guessing by the Threat's in his pending name he has Triple Threat? My mare is by hi sline as well. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Triple Threat heads. Their big and bobby but delicate as opposed to Pusher's big headed git lol. (I've also owned Pusher horses, so no offense anyone)

  6. TexasLady...

    If I were closer, I'd get that poor filly. Talk about an abusive situation.

    To top it off, check out the can't see's CAMO

  7. He is Triple Threat, Threat's Supreme, Mountain Man, and Pride's Generator. We have his full sister and she is a knockout. This guy already looks better at this age than she did. He is an independent little cuss too, he only needs mom for food. The mare has a petite little head and teeny ears. He is very strongly gaited too, not like his sister.

  8. OOOOO! He's got all the bloodlines I love! Well, I also love Pride's Gold Coin--that's what my husband's gelding is. Those are excellent solid bloodlines to create a well put togeher horse for solid gait and a great mind.

    His shoulder is at an excellent angle, and his croup is nicely slopped. The angles in his back legs show me he's going to have good overstride. I've also learned that most of the time, a TWH that is going to have a good gait and head nod will have a topline that's about half the length of the bottom line, and this guy has it. I think he's just holding his head and neck up high in this photo and it's making his neck and throatlatch look funny. Good solid knees, and his front legs look like they come out of his shoulders correctly, not out of the bottom of his chest like so many TWHs do today. He has longer pasterns than I like, but honestly, it doesn't matter if his gait is real and solid and he has a good mind. My top priorities with TWHs are temperament and quality of gait, which I believe equates to conformation. So looks like you have a good one there!

    You should post some pictures of him gaiting, or a video on YouTube! I'd love to see how he goes!

    What color is he? It's hard to tell since the photo was taken in the setting sun. I LOVE the registered name you've come up with. If it's any help, we had a palomino TWH for a while named Emily's Golden Eagle. We called him Kwaahu (pronounced KWAH-hoo), which is the Hopi word for eagle. His current owner calls him Kwaahu, too.

  9. He is bay, his sire is a gorgeous blood bay and the dam is black. He is named after the Harley Davidson Screaming Eagle motorcycle. His full sister is named Tennessee Dynaglide after that line of bikes. He gaits beautifully, though at the moment, his favorite speed is RUN. Here is a link to a pic of him running around with Uncle Thor

  10. Look at him go! He's gorgeous. I LOVE both names! That is so clever. As far as a barn name, is there any motorcycle type reference or part that would be a neat barn name? I know pretty much nothing about motorcycles (except that I think they're cool and want to learn to ride one someday), but sometimes we can find fun names in our hobbies or professions for our pets. Here are some real examples I know.

    Cowboy + Aussie Cattle Dog = Chaps
    Seargant in the Navy + very large mutt = Anchor
    Police officer + small poodle = Cuffs
    Police officer + palomino colt that almost lost his life to Valley Fever = Bulletproof (his name was originally Bullet, but they changed it after he survived his illness)
    Drama teacher + Samoyed = Phantom (from Phantom of the Opera)
    Drama teacher + black poodle = Othello
    Geologist + lhasa apso with one blue eye = Topaz
    Geologist with lhasa apso with two green eyes = Jade

    I named my black lab Tennessee because 1) we own TWHs, and 2) we have a tradition that all our dogs have to have names that start with a "T". I wanted a name that had something to do with the horses but also started with a "T." I plan on getting a small dog someday, and if it's a boy I may name it Tom Thumb.

  11. if i owned him his barn name would definatly be seagull :]