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Friday, July 24, 2009

Monumental Friday FAIL

These pics are posted on FHOTD's blog today. They show a poor, skinny Belgian yearling being ridden by some yahoo with, get this, BUBBA'S CAMO SADDLE! Wow, not only that, but she is also sporting one of the add-on child seats behind the saddle. Like this poor baby needs MORE weight put on her. Gosh, I think I have to agree with Fugs on this one, the sale may have been a better place than with this fucktard. Geesh, people, when will you learn that riding yearlings IS NOT OK!!
Who else sincerely hopes she will bolt with him?



  1. I read FHOTD's blog. This makes me so sad. She probably does not have the energy to bolt. I hope she ends up at a good home someday but the prospects of that are not likely.

  2. Is it me or are my eyes playing tricks?

    The second pic, if the horse were to do anything and he comes off- are the reins looped over his right arm?

    Not a good idea- on many levels.

  3. I just noticed too, her left hock looks a bit bulgy. Swelling or an injury maybe.

    She certainly should not be ridden, due to her age first and foremost, then with the 'perhaps' issue of the hock.

    If she does have an injury at this age, going to the auction, it would diminish further her less than stellar chances of finding a good home where she can grow up before being asked of things such as riding.

  4. Yeah, bolt. I have a little older estonian heavy draft colt at home. I can see now, why some people think it is ok to ride with draft horses at this age as they look big. But they are still babies. My colt has only seen saddle passing him when I am going to ride with one of his parents in next paddock.
    Yes, at that age they dont have enough energy to fight back. And when they are old enough they are already ruined when their owners are as stupied as this one on the pictures.

  5. pitiful, just plane pitiful.

  6. Haha I was the one who noticed the saddle first and commented. I laughed so hard.

    What a moron though, poor girl.

  7. I want to find him and hit him. That's terrible

  8. I screamed at my screen. OH MY GOD GET OFF THAT POOR FOAL YOU ASSHOLE!

    Srsly, this poor little thing looks like she's barely 8 months old, so either he's lying about her age or she is severely malnourished. And you never ever EVER mount a young horse before its 3rd birthday. *fumes*

  9. Hey you got a blogging award on my blog. Check it out!

  10. Those pictures make me want to vomit. I hate that there are people in this world that are so clueless or just don't care about what is right for the animal. That poor baby.

  11. I emailed the guy about this horse when I first saw the craigs list add. Told him he should not be riding her at that age. He said that it was none of my business and that if I cared so damn much I would drive down there an buy her from him other wise I was to mind my own business. that speaks volumes. Poor thing. I wish I were wealthy I would have drove down there and purchased her then kicked him for her.