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Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday FAIL (Funny)

I think we got the wrong animal out of the barn this morning!


  1. DANG, I had no idea a cow could jump that high.....

    Looks like ol' Bossy has her knees up, is looking for the next fence, and even has a bascule that defies her conformation.

    How many faults for knocking down a rail with an udder? That would HURT...

    Bless her bovine heart. I hope she is loved and cared for.

  2. Cattypex my guess is that cow is well loved and cared for. I wonder how they figured out they could ride her and over fences too.

  3. Holy Cow!!!!

    I gatta be honest here, I want to get a Longhorn and ride it like a horse and go run barrels. LMAO

  4. Then you will love this schweppes commercial

  5. That would be the next best thing cows are good for! The first is on a plate with a side of mashed potatoes!

    That commercial was too funny!

  6. That is way funny! My brothers tried to ride the steers, but not with much success! Of course, they tried it bareback and their backbones looked very painful. I just sat back and laughed, but was never fool enough to try it and find out how it felt!

  7. I've seen cows jump a four board fence because they got freaked out over us riding up to them on horseback, it was insane!!

  8. cattypax said: *How many faults for knocking down a rail with an udder?*

    Well, they'd only do it once......ROF......

    That Schweppes ad is hysterical.......LOL....


    A Uniqute Ansur, yours for just $1250! Blah.

  10. I'm going to go with WIN for the cow, that's hilarious!

    re: jengersnap's comment: They are STILL trying to sell that disgraceful tiger-print dressage saddle? They haven't given up yet? Srsly.

  11. Oh, and I really wish it had been a moon-themed jump!

  12. OMGAWD I love it ...LOL A few years ago at out state fair there was a longhorn all decked out in saddle and bridle and they rode him all around the fairgounds, he was one of the quietest rides there:) But some of the horses took offence at him.

  13. Cows really do jump quite nicely, that is why the rhyme "the cow jumped over the moon" I have seen old photos of folks riding cows, and a old short (think 1918) of a cow (steer?)being ridden in the hunt field.

  14. All I could think was: if that was my, um, udder, I'd be darn sure to clear that top rail clean. Maybe that's why cows jump over the moon well?

  15. Now THAT's talent- training a cow to do that!
    I did see a brahma under saddle that did a lot of cantering and stood on a little pedestal and everything... pretty interesting stuff.

  16. Act 2 of this podcast is a really interesting story about a trained Brahma bull and his clone...

    (The rest of the show is good, too, but OT.)

  17. "I gatta be honest here, I want to get a Longhorn and ride it like a horse and go run barrels. LMAO"

    I'd think the horns would cause a problem, but I confess I've always wanted a riding steer...enough that I've researched breeders and average prices.

    Roping cattle...on a bull.

    A a harness class.

  18. I know there is someone out here where I live who has a riding longhorn. I have seen him tied off at one of the horse friendly restaurants out here.

    My first good horse trainer, a John Lyons trainer, told me stories about how when she was young she always wanted a horse but her parents couldn't afford one. So she taught one of the dairy cattle to ride. She would ride and jump it, kinda like this girl.

  19. Man... I wish *we* had horse-friendly establishments around here!!

    Now, that's some GREEN transportation... like the stuff they leave on the road.

    I HAVE seen, in Northern Indiana, buggy-friendly drive thrus, and buggy parking in town. I guess I'll just have to move to Amish Country....

  20. If you google "Cow Riding", you'll get a bunch of results. It isn't as uncommon as you think. They even have a cow hunt-seat jumping competition in Europe.

    Longhorns are the easiest breed to ride they say, and thus there is even a group dedicated to training and riding cows like horses. They even have a steer they are teaching dressage movements to. As well as dressage and jumping, he can bow, lay down on command, and do some other common 'horse tricks'.

    Pretty neat.

    My sister and I rode cows and jumped them on the old logging road when we were young, about ten years ago, and the horse people looked at us like we were CRAZY. lol

  21. Cattypex

    lol, going through the amish country is fun. and it's southern indiana. I live in the state. i see alot of horse tie outs and buggys going through the amish coutry

  22. Wow. How special.

    When I was in 4-H, the cow kids would come over the night before english day and jump their cows over all the fences, creating enormous holes and huge amounts of work for the volunteers the next morning.


  23. My mother knew a fellow who wanted to fox hunt. His father (old jerk) would not let him keep a horse. So he trained a cow and road her on fox hunts.