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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tacky Potpourri

Please don your protective eyewear.

Click the pictures for a larger view, it's worth it. The only one I can tolerate is the one on the top right of the first group. It's kind of pretty.

Gads, there really isn't a great deal I can say about this, save that the at least look to be decent quality. But, OMG my eyes!!


  1. Ya know.....I could use any one of these saddles, and probably quite happily.....if they would just use 2 colors.

    I do not like that light third color.
    (I kinda really like that green one)

  2. I'd absolutely love all of these if they didn't have the colored edging. It just seems like overkill (if the inlays aren't bad enough, but I can deal with it). Gimmie that purple one but in red or black!


    Really. Where else could it go but here?

  4. Okay, now I USED TO like pink and green together.......USED TO.

  5. SprinklerBandit: LOL! And they have the nerve to call it "classic"! HAHAHAHA! That's a good one!!!!

    Regarding today's featured saddles. They are way too cutsie, bubble gummer for me!

  6. I like the one that is just in brown tones (upper right, 1st group) but the others make me think someone shot the Easter Bunny and put him on a saddle.

  7. Really? Who sees the seat that much when someone's butt is in it? These are just a mess! It's like an explosion of easter eggs!!

  8. I... kind.... of .... like.... the blue one. Without rhinestones.

    It would look too cute on a perky palomino.

    I kind of like the idea of dyed or painted accents on the leather. Dyed, actually, since painted would wear off. And done well of course, on well-crafted saddles.

    All of this excess stuff, though, screams to me "I NEVER CLEAN OR OIL MY SADDLE" because how could you?