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Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Funny

Ooooooooh, someone is about to get bitten on the hiney for this! Terribly amusing, but hazardous to the pony's owner! Mr. Pony does not look pleased with this getup! Thought everyone could use a good laugh this morning!


  1. One PISSED OFF PONY.....Watch out! He deserves a medal for putting up with that!

  2. Oh ood one PRS.
    What a champ he is - posing all dressed up like that

  3. that is down right funny!!! love the sea horses comment! hahaha

  4. WOW!

    I've never seen a horse with a better "Somebody WILL pay for this" look!


    If he were a cat, he'd poop on your pillow.

  5. cattypex: LOL--I left my cat for a week for a trip to Michigan to visit my daughter. After spending all day flying back, dead tired and getting ready for bed (I was just getting ready to pet him). I caught him "peeing" in the middle of my bed!!!! OOOOooooooo...I was angry!!!!!!

  6. That pony has definately got it in for someone for not only dressing him up, but taking the pic and posting it online!

    I would like to be around when the payback is dished out.

  7. LOL! I love that it's real and not photoshopped! That's cute and yes, if he were a cat, he'd probably poop on your pillow! Don't let him in the house!!

  8. Wow. Such an amazing picture, but I would never, ever do that to my horse.