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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Um, OK....

Wow, correct me if I am wrong, but dosen't a certian company(who shall remain unnamed...cough *Disney* cough) get awfully annoyed with stuff like this? I seem to recall a tendancy toward lawsuits over copyright infringement. I really think this is not vague enough to avoid that. It is most obviously supposed to be certian copy written chartacters.


  1. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!
    ***runs away screaming***

  2. Yes, the House of Mouse gets quite stroppy over this kind of thing. I'm a little vague on on the details, but they are said to pay bounty on actionable or successfully acted-upon claims. Some lawyer-ish types are reputed troll craft shows looking for copyright violations to report.

  3. If I were them (cough * Disney * cough), I would be upset too!!! Not only are they using their materials, but.........YUCK!

  4. It is only an infringement if someone were to attempt to profit from the sale of said monstrosity. If you paint your saddle up with Disney Chararacters for your own enjoyment they have no problem with it and won't complain unless you are selling the saddle(s). God, I hope this is a one of a kind.

    I just gotta ask "Why?"

  5. Well, it is for sale, so I guess it counts!

  6. ROF....well, I never thought I'd see the day.....LOL....

    Congrats, my have finally posted an article of tack that NO HOW, NO WAY would I ever be caught in.

    Not even my dead body. If you found my corpse out in the sesert, and tried to sling it over this saddle to bring it ghost would be there, begging you to leave it for the vultures!!!!

    Ick, aack, ptooey!!!!

  7. Those have to be window appliques/wall stickers. Have to be. Anything else would be... would be... nono, it has to be.

  8. this saddle looks like it was made for an adult, too. it also looks like it's cheaply made and couldn't last even one trail ride. it might last a one-time Disney-themed parade, but no trail ride.

    also, I hate the new look! black backgrounds give me a raging headache. sorry. I don't think I'll be stopping by anymore.

  9. I will never understand painted tack. ever. there are, however, better renditions of "the medium".

    Walt is SPINNING.

    Never mind that the person is just *begging* to be sued.

  10. 1) 4-H leatherworking project


    2) Valentine for a Disney-mad girlfriend

    are the only two remotely acceptable explanations for this.

  11. I, too, find the black background harsh, and prefer the older template. Sorry!

    I'll keep coming back though.

  12. I would never want Mickey, Donald & Pluto jumping out from under my thigh in any situation!! Hideous!! Child, adult or alien in this saddle would look absolutely hideous!

  13. Oh, Sweetie.....My old eyes thank you ever so much!!!!

  14. Poor Bullseye gets all covered up. You can only see his feet!

    I'm a total Disney FREAK and would still never ride in this thing. And why is Mickey, Goofy, and Donald pink?