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Monday, September 21, 2009

Yawn, it's Monday

Monday, early, very sleepy...HOLYCRAPWHATTHE...oh, it's just another catastrophe of a saddle!

Who comes up with this crap? Really? A canvas covered saddle made on a funky looking tree with black and red horse shoes embroidered on it?


  1. Who cares about who comes up with it? Who the heck BUYS it? I'm pretty sure my horse wouldn't let me anywhere near him with this monstrosity! ICK!

  2. Uh....I must need more coffee.....LOL....

    A couch throw, maybe a pillow....or even curtains. But a saddle????


  3. I saw this saddle on Ebay and just cringed. I'd never be caught in that saddle and I'm sure my horse would promptly dump me on my head if I rode him in it.

  4. I love todays post. It really will wake you up. That or blind you. LOL. Love you blog, keep up the good work. It's always nice to know not everyone thinks these things are a good idea.

  5. Okay, this one has GOT TO BE my personal favorite! And I do believe I have some fabric somewhere that matches it - hidden far, far away in the attic so I don't have to admit I even HAVE it!

    PS - It needs rhinestones, lots of rhinestones :):)

  6. fireantranch: You could make a matching outfit and with your "bedazzler" add your very own rhinestones? You'd certainly draw attention wherever you went! LOL!

  7. The word "Hideous" comes to mind. Notice that it is not modeled on a horse... no horse with any dignity would allow that thing anywhere near it! LOL

  8. sure doesn't do much for the barefoot crowd...

  9. Bonnie said...

    sure doesn't do much for the barefoot crowd...

    LOL! Really, they are missing a HUGE portion of the buying public....maybe they should have gone with Old Mac's instead of horseshoes!

  10. Does it come in an English all purpose sofa-bed version?

    Of course I'd also need the matching breastplate, couch throw and comforter.

    ROTFL ...............................

    Does anyone actually buy crap like this?

  11. What???? No fringe? No crystals? No pink? It's much too plain for me!! I'll pass!
    ROFLMAO!!!!!!! Luv it!! Keep that fugly tack comin'!!