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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Terrifying Turquoise

Here is yet another version of that cheap, piece of junk, comes in a variety of hideous colors, saddle. This one is a lovely shade of turquoise. Of all the various incarnations, this one, sadly, is the least offensive to me. I guess it has to do with it being a "cool" color. Blues and other cool colors don't "harsh my mellow" nearly as badly as "warm" colors, like the yellow one, do. Still, it does not negate the fact that it is Tacky as all get out, just slightly less painful Tacky. You can just see the level of craptastic craftsmanship and the lack of quality leather. I would be afraid to try to use any of these saddles for fear of a catastrophic failure and nasty wreck. Not that my horse would let me near her with it in the first place.


  1. I rode an old (but normally colored) western saddle once just for kicks. As my tb cantered around the arena, the stirrup just fell off. I didn't even have weight in it because the stirrups were way too long anyways.

    Haha. Always check your stirrups, I guess.

  2. Make sure to take a look at the picture in detail! =P The leather is stamped(?) so to me it looks like they covered it in wall paper painted over with blue paint! =P

  3. Pretty color.

    Um....that's about all I can say. Wonder how many times you will girth up before the color on the cinch cracks????

  4. Diane, I think the cinch straps' color would crack just about the same time blue streaks started running down your horses' sides. Yuck! It does look painted over, not dyed. What a craptacular work of crapsmanship!!

  5. I think it should come with a recording of all the songs from The Little Mermaid hidden in the cantle. Sit and it plays. Like singing cards?