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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Scary Pink Saddle of the Week

Today we have an entry from "Down Under". This saddle was sent to me by a reader that found it and a "matching" one on Craigslist. I have NEVER seen the like. A solid baby pink Aussie saddle, really. I simply cannot FATHOM who would purchase or better yet USE something like this? It has to be a made in India cheapie, I just refuse to believe that the fine folks in Oz would produce such an atrocity.

I need brain bleach.


  1. I was starting to get kind of inured to all the pink madness but this one has shocked me right outta that. That is atrocious.

  2. That is really something. I don't know what the something is, but it is really something.

  3. Where is the market for these things? I assume SOMEBODY is buying them since they are getting manufactured....

    I had a hackney pony I was selling and an 8 year old girl came to look at him. I told them to bring their own saddle because I didn't have one to fit him since I used him as a driving pony. They brought their own tack complete with a bright (I mean electric) pink saddle pad. The little pony wouldn't let us anywhere near him with it! When we finally got it settled on his back he kept his eye on it till we got the saddle cinched down. He settled down once the little girl got on him though.

  4. PRS: LOL---that is funny! So shockingly pink, even the pony was shocked!

    As for today's feature.......BLECH!

  5. I'm in Oz and I can tell you there isn't any horsey person I know who'd be seen dead with one of those.

    Ughhhhh ....... what were they thinking?

  6. CRIKEY! That's a beaut!

    Somebody needs to leave it a little longer on the barbee.... I prefer my kangaroo Well Done.

    OK, I watched a Dirty Jobs once where they showed how Morroccan leather was cured. It involved cleaning out pigeon coops, mixing it with thigh deep water, and standing in it wearing nothing but a loincloth. Not surprisingly, the (very cute) son of the company owner was looking to get into another line of business....

    I've gotta think that it's not any better in India, and then on top of that, those people have to make it PINK.

    Then again, I've never seen a well-dressed Indian woman in olive drab or beige...

  7. Now that's just the ugliest thing! Yes, it is something.....
    something new
    something pink
    something borrowed
    something stinks!

  8. I'm sorry, but that is NOT an Australian stock saddle. Aussie saddles have the knee pads, but they do NOT have a horn. And yuck, i think my horse would disown me if i put something like that on her.

  9. I would use it in a heartbeat and in fact I would love to find a place that sells them so I can purchase one. I think its beautiful and shows some color to your ride. :)

  10. Waler you have no clue what your talking about. Aussie saddles can come with or without a horn. You really should read up on things before posting where the whole world can see your ignorance.