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Monday, March 15, 2010

Easing into the week...

In order to make a stealthy entrance into the week, we have a camo saddle to use. So Monday doesn't get us. But, just in case, it has some blaze orange to make sure Sunday or Tuesday don't mistake us for someone else.


  1. Ha ha, camo and bright orange. Did the manufacturer not realize what a contradiction that is? LOL

  2. Well I suppose the bit of orange would be handy for trail riding during hunting season...

  3. Although I can probs count the western saddles I've seen in the real world on one have it looks like a cut and shut to me! Seat off a reasonable saddle, skirts (?) off something else!

  4. Camo and blaze. Was the designer *confused*?

    (I'm guessing its meant to be marketed to hunters).

  5. Does anyone else realize how the camo fenders would be blocked by your leg anyways? So the only time it offers any use is when you are not in the saddle. Like leaving your horse tied to climb a ridge or tree or something. You know, when a deer or something else may come along and mistake your saddle for a tree...

    Deer: Hey there. Dude! Did you know you have a tree growing through the middle of you?

    Horse: Nah, it's just the redneck saddle my owner strapped on my back. It's ok, he's up the the ridge looking for you. When he comes back we will be headed north, so go south and you'll be fine.

    Deer: Thanks man. I'd dump him though, just for making you wear it. If you do, you can hang with us. We'll be over in the valley, three mountains over. Just whinny. We'll find you and bring you in. As long as you promise to lose the tack.

    Horse: PROMISE!

  6. Ha ha, I have never understood the obsession with all things camo in the hunting community. My hunting duds are jeans and a red flannel shirt, and I have just as much luck as the people out there with $1000 worth of stuff from Cabelas.


  7. Ha ha a tacky tack oxymoron with the emphasis on moron!

    *shakes head*

  8. Camo is useful if you are poaching!

  9. Scaequestrian: I'd love to see more pics of your sidesaddle!

  10. Scaequestrtian--I have a saddle for you:
    I saw this "beauty" at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo last weekend in Denver, Colorado. Feel free to reprint my pictures if you'd like, just give me a mention. My blog usually features a lot of tack of both the real and model varieties, but generally I try to stick to the good stuff! Today's post was a rare trip into your territory!

  11. I know people are trying hard, but.... here are some more for you

  12. I would ride in this saddle for fun. It wouldn't be any type of show or parade stuff...but just to plod around on. I love high-backed western saddles and it would save some moo-lah since it's synthetic. I'm not a fan of the camo/bright/color clash. If it's just for a quick saddle and ride, I don't care as long as it fits and it's comfy (and not pink).

    And Reddunappy...Those aren't THAT bad. The breastcollar could stay as is, but the headstalls are too "busy". Both together looks way too jumbled. Maybe it's all the junk on the horse's nose. And I've never been a fan of drop down browbands. But with those super short stirrups, it's for a kid that's favorite color is blue. lol

  13. "Cooter!"
    "Wanna take da hosses out fer a ride up in da hills?"
    "Sure. Then we can go cut down a tree."
    "I dun see why not."
    "Git r done!"