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Monday, March 8, 2010

Thrift store Tack

A reader sent this to me, apparently it was found in a local thrift store. I can see why. Sparkly painted on horseheads and yellow accents. Awesome. Though the Aussie saddle it is partially obscuring with its hideousness might be worth a look.

TackyTack still has the plague, or at least the residual effects of the plague. Sorry for my absence, it is hard to snark when you can't get enough oxygen to your brain for it to function properly.


  1. Really craptacular. Wow another cardboard saddle too. It doesn't even look used!

  2. Maybe because a male somebody sat on it once, got off very quickly, and immediately dumped it on the thrift store?

    It doesn't look comfortable. Especially for those with dangly bits.

  3. To think someone thought anyone at a thrift store would have a horse? WOW. Not likely.

  4. CNJ, why not? I have a horse and I've been known to go to thrift stores to shop (and drop things off). You can find good deals there. I got a $4 skirt once that I wear to renaissance festivals. Several pieces of furniture I have I found at thrift stores. My microwave came from one. And so on. :)

  5. Analise- I'm not saying those of us with horses don't go to thrift stores. I have been to my share in life and yes, great deals abound. Same with the dollar store.

    But not when looking for or at tack. Not like you are going to find a run on shadbelly coats, field boots or things of high quality there... Anyone who has things like that of value, don't usually drop them off at a donation center. Instead they drop them off where they can be used. Tack stores, rescues, lesson barns and places like that.

    Am I a snob? When it comes to some things- yes. I can handle that.

  6. Actually, I've seen a lot of nice tack & show clothes get passed around from kid to kid, rider to rider, until no one knows where they got it ;-)

    I almost scored an antique McClelland in fantastic condition for $75 at a yard sale, but I got cold feet at the last second.

    I've also seen random crappy tack at garage sales, sold by people who just don't KNOW. I think that's where Applebee's and Cracker Barrel buy the junk they decorate their walls with... ;-) Cuz I think this saddle would be best put to use nailed up in a corner with old Mexican horse prints around it.

    And then again, remember that somebody scored a genuine Skyhorse at an estate sale for $300 or something like that!

  7. "Snob" ?

    Noooo, more an appreciator of quality!

  8. CP- that was HP and she is offering it up for sale... I remember seeing the pictures of it. It was a steal and is a gorgeous piece of craftsmanship.